Mezzanines for Warehouses and Other Facilities

mezzanine warehouse

Running out of space:

If you are looking to grow then one of the first resources you will run out of is space. If you run out of space then you are, depending on the industry, effectively hamstrung. You could look for a new warehouse out there somewhere but that would take time, energy, and effort. Time, energy, and effort that you could spend elsewhere building your business. You can add to your business and its space. You can do this, quickly, by looking into getting and receiving your very own mezzanine for your warehouse. A mezzanine racking system for a warehouse gives you a second level on which you can store your wares.


The mezzanine will be built to your needs and specifications based on your warehouse. The truth is no two mezzanine jobs are alike and standardizing them is a recipe for disaster because the underworkings, based on seismic activity and other calculations, will always be different. You would not want that anyway. 9 times out of 10 you want your opening where you want it and you want the stairway placed in a very specific spot.


Need to move it somewhere else? Mezzanines tend to have a nut and bolt design that will allow you to disassemble them and move them depending on the type you have and if it is, logistically, feasible to move a mezzanine to where you are thinking it will fit. Remember you still have to deal with codes and permitting based on things like seismic activity. However, you can, physically disassemble most of these and move them as long as you keep those things in mind. Remember, the fact that, for the most part, once it is built you will not be able to have a stairway built on the other side of the mezzanine.

The Second Level of Storage and a Height:

If you need to expand your storage and/or office space then why not give yourself the choice provided by a mezzanine. A mezzanine will give you the ability to store above or to work from above and peer down to see the work happening below you. It can do all of this without asking for a lot of time, money, or being an intrusion on your workers. A mezzanine adds dimensions to your storage space that you just cannot get any other way than getting a mezzanine. You will not only be able to store above you but you will still be able to walk past the product without the use of a man cage or a scissor lift. Have a column in the way? No problem. Equipment on the floor? A mezzanine can work around it. Need an opening on the other side? No problem. Stairway over there? It can be done.


You can integrate the structure into your existing workflow without a lot of hassle, especially if you have experienced experts ready to help you get your mezzanine into your business. Forget about moving and start looking above and the possibilities of having a mezzanine. It is better than the impact of moving your business to another location. A full move can have a big impact on profits, time, and the general satisfaction of your workers since you will be changing the route they take to get to work.

15 Feet Tall or More:

If your ceiling is, at least, 15 feet tall then you might be a great candidate for this kind of storage. A pallet rack mezzanine system tends to double the size of a warehouse just by adding another level that can be used for storage or other business activities. In fact, it might be up to 80% cheaper to use a mezzanine to add a second level to your warehouse than it would be to have one physically built for you. Not to mention the time involved because you are still able to work around the installation.


Worried that it will take a long time to get your mezzanine going? There are some cases where it can take as little as 3 to 4 weeks but every job is different. We cannot promise this but it is possible in some cases to have one up and running by that time frame. This is a very rare case but it does happen from time to time. We will have a better idea of what it will take and how long it will take once we start speaking to you about your needs.

Businesses that could use a mezzanine:

What businesses could use a mezzanine? For the most part, if you have room for a mezzanine then it might be a good idea to get one. Here are a few businesses that have made the choice to get one of these for their business: health clubs, entertainment centers, warehouses, and more. Most businesses could make use of a mezzanine to help them grow even faster or even to keep more inventory on hand.

Every Mezzanine is Different:

Remember that every pallet rack mezzanine system is different which means that yours will be designed just for you and your specific needs. We will also take into consideration all your existing features like equipment, columns, layout, and etc. We will also look at your walls in order to make sure we make the necessary adjustments for them. Platforms and stairs can be moved around to where it makes the most sense for you and your business to have them.

mezzanine warehouse example

How tall will the mezzanine be overhead if someone was underneath it? The answer is that most of them are at least nine feet tall. It can also do up to a clearspan of 40 feet. Clearspan means “the distance the two inside surfaces of the span supports”. As a result, in laymen’s terms, the walkway you would walk on if you went up to your mezzanine.

OSHA or IBC Codes:

Worried about OSHA or IBC codes? We work with you to make sure that your Mezzanine can be used properly and safely. We will help you through the process of getting everything in code so that you have a smooth transition to using this item in your business.

How is your mezzanine going to be constructed? What kinds of materials might you find in a typical mezzanine?


Plywood may be used for 1 to 2 layers. Plywood is a popular choice for an in-plant office, enclosures, and storage.

You may also have a corrugated sub-deck incorporated into your mezzanine. The decking is a popular choice for work platforms located over an office. A corrugated sub-deck is not good for storage solutions. In other words, it will make the overhead area a usable space instead of just empty air.

The mezzanine may also make use of poured concrete. If you need your mezzanine racking system to be fireproof or if you mean to keep the mezzanine in the same place then you will have poured concrete as part of your mezzanine. Keep in mind, if this is done then it probably will be near impossible or impossible to take it apart and move it depending on your situation.

You will have specific engineered materials meant to help you deal with whatever it is you need to store or work on when you use the mezzanine. Any special materials make it difficult for us to predict over a computer how things will work out.

You may have diamond plate steel integrated into your mezzanine. You might have this because it can deal with a heavy load, drops, welding, and pallet drops. It is also excellent at resisting damage that is incurred during the normal working day.

Open Decks:

Need an open deck? You can get an open bar grating for your mezzanine. If you have a lot of heat, sound, or ventilation produced by your processes then you should consider this for your mezzanine. If you have multiple levels that all need to meet certain requirements then this is the one you want to use. It will also allow sprinklers to reach the level below which means that you may not have to augment your sprinkler system in order to use this type of flooring.


ResinDek is also available. In fact, it works for just about any job or mezzanine. It is meant to take the daily beating of having heavy loads transported on it. It will handle a lot of people walking on it daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. The mezzanine work platform can support up to 4500 lbs without the weight associated with concrete. It is also much more comfortable than walking on plain concrete.

Rolled and Structural:

The mezzanines make use of rolled and structural pieces working together to make sure that your mezzanine is sturdy, up to code, but also affordable at the same time. The mezzanine will also make use of a powdered coating to make sure it resistant to liquids. The coating has some measure of protection against corrosion and scratches. It also holds up well against almost any other type of wear and tear.

What are the specific reasons you would want a mezzanine in your business? A pallet rack mezzanine system doubles your storage space since it is adding another level to your warehouse in most cases. It will be up to code. You can use it without worrying about a governing body coming in to stop you from using it. The mezzanine will allow you to still have your light, HVAC systems, computer wiring, and electrical systems without changing anything. You will be able to delineate between 2nd level and 1st level inventory which may make your inventory process cleaner and easier to handle. You may be able to take your mezzanine warehouse attachment apart and use it elsewhere depending on permits, codes, and fitment. Finally, it is cheaper than moving or adding another level to your warehouse through construction.

Want a mezzanine for your business? Want help figuring it all out and getting the permits done? Call us at 503-640-5666 and we will help you through the whole process.

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