Modular Offices for Plants and Warehouses

Example of Modular Offices

Space is always at a premium in any business that has a warehouse. We all know that growth requires more resources and more manpower. If you need more manpower than you are probably going to need more offices or just a modular office itself. If you have space on your floor that you are not using or have no plans of using then it should be used to maximize the potential of your business.

Why a Modular Office:

A modular office could be the right choice for you and your business. Why would you use a modular office? You can actually move the modular office if you had to do so. It is not stuck to an area. If you find that you need more room and that area could be better utilized as something else then the office can be moved. Other spaces or offices do not allow you to do this and it is one of the best reasons to consider this kind of addition to your business. Getting the most out of each inch of your warehouse space is always a good idea. A modular office is just one of those things that makes a lot of sense.

Warehouse Openness:

The warehouse space was developed to be wide open. It does not have anything to break it up until your equipment and inventory gets into the area. A modular office can break up the openness of the warehouse and add a lot of functionality to those spaces since they can be used for any type of office activity. If you need a manager on the floor at all times then why not put their office right in the thick of it where they can get their paperwork done and watch over the whole production at the same time. You get the best of both worlds in one space. You still have your warehouse and everything your warehouse can do. Now you have an office where your office workers can do their work. Do not forget that the offices can be used for any office activity including meeting rooms and break rooms. If you can do it in an office then, with common sense coming into play, you can do it in a modular office. What is even better is many of these offices can be customized to fit your needs and wants. Need a smaller office? It can be done. Do you want one with a certain type of floor or style? It can also be done. You get the office you want and then you can move it later as needed.

More than a Storage/Shipping Warehouse:

Not just a storage warehouse or a shipping warehouse? No problem. A modular office will fit your needs too. There are modular offices inside of industrial warehouses and manufacturing warehouses too. They will fit the application that you are looking for as long as you have the space for them in your warehouse. Provide your office workers with somewhere to be and work inside your office without disturbing the rest of your crew or the other way around. Give your employees access to the manager quickly by putting them on the floor where a worker does not have to go very far to talk to them.

Remember, this all can be done custom to what you want and need your space to look like and feel like. Build it out to your specific budget and requirement without a problem. Worried about the time it will take to assemble your new office? You do not have to worry as the office is made to be put together quickly and easily. The assembly also does not tend to interrupt any of the inner workings of your business. You can run your business just as you do every day as long as it is within common sense.

Form or Function?

No need to choose form or function over the other. The offices are capable of being any type of room you need for your business. Here are just a few of the things you can choose to do with your modular office once you receive it. In fact, this is probably, not an exhaustive list as you probably have an application for the room that we have not seen or heard of yet. Get as creative as you wish with one of these offices at your disposal.

Worker figuring out Modular Offices

Need room to handle your admin activities? These offices make a great room for this purpose. They can be privatized workspaces for your admin personnel. Adjust it to their needs as your walls can be moved around. The offices can have insulation if the office has to be in a colder area of your warehouse. Want to move them over to the other side of the warehouse? No problem. Pick it up and move it there.


Need some workers to be in a position to supervise the work but also need them to have an office where they can get other types of office work done? The prefabricated offices you see here can do just that for you and/or the supervisor. Your employees will be able to see them and work with them. They will be right on the floor where you need them to be so they can manage the work.

Modular Offices at work

In-Plant, Factory, or Warehouse Office:

Want that in-plant office for your workers to work inside? Here is the solution you have been waiting for or looking for right now. It does not matter what type of worker either. They can be front-office workers, nurses, or your HR team. The choice is yours. You make your office workers much more available to your warehouse, plant, or storage workers where they can work together more efficiently and help each other faster.

Shipping and Receiving:

Have a shipping or receiving team? Give them an office from which they can work as well. If you are printing labels and need them to make phone calls to mail service providers then why not let them do it from the quiet and security of an office? Shipping and receiving teams often get cold because of the warehouse door. Give them a place to go and stay warm or get out of the heat. Give them somewhere to go to get out of the way of the bigger pieces of equipment that might go through your warehouse from time to time.

Conference Room?

Need a conference room? You can put one of these right inside your warehouse in one of these modular offices. If your team needs to meet up and talk then give them a place to do it quickly and, sometimes, at a moment’s notice so they can coordinate and hear each other properly. Put any type of equipment you want in that office. Consequently, you can have your dry erase boards, presentation equipment, whatever you need in this room to help you and your team coordinate and get things done.


Of course, you can give your employees a break room or lunchroom. Let them make the most of their lunch by immediately clocking out and having their lunch in the office. You could put lockers for their stuff inside of it. Whatever you feel is appropriate for your people you can do in this office space. As a result, the office space will give them a clean place to be and relax for the time that they have breaks and lunches while at your warehouse.


Need the office to be something you can move almost at a moment’s notice? These offices are exactly what you need especially as you are growing. They become whatever you need. The offices move very quickly anywhere you need them to be in the warehouse or plant. These offices come equipped with heat or air conditioning. They match any conditions you or your team might find themselves. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The offices can be customized to accommodate any season.

A modular office might be the office of your dreams. They will help keep employees safe, give them a place to work, keep them warm or cool, let them relax when they have breaks, and whatever else you might have in mind.

Modular Office workers


You, in most cases, do not have to change anything about your existing warehouse. The product arrives. You set it up fast. It is good to go quickly.  You keep going about your business. You can do this as the modular office is built. If you need to move it then you can do that quickly by dissembling it and moving it to where it needs to go. No more wasted money trying to renovate your warehouse. Get the office space you need quickly and easily. Remember, if something changes and you need the office on the other side of the warehouse or plant then it can be done quickly. These offices are very mobile. You will not have to alter the building in any way when you decide to move the office.

Speed of Assembly:

The offices are made to go together very easily. It will not take you long to put them up and have them work. The offices are durable but surprisingly light. Is this the solution for you? It might be. If you have questions or need help figuring out if this will work for you then you can give us a call and we will help you figure it out. Therefore, our team of experts can help you through the whole process of getting one of these in your space. Keep your focus on doing what you do best and that is running the business.

If you are looking for a modular office then we are the people you want to talk to now. If you live/work in Oregon then we are local as we are located in North Plains, Oregon. We are only 15 to 25 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. As a result, if you live in the Northwest then we can definitely help you. You can also call us if you need a pallet rack. Call 503-640-5666.

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