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If you are looking to hold a lot of shirts, pants, socks, or whatever it is that you sell then you want pallet rack. Research tells us that you look for this under names like, “pallet clothes rack”. However, what you need is a pallet rack. Standard versions of pallet rack can hold up 2500 lbs of product. If you make or hold a lot of product then this will work for you. The rack-type we are talking about here is a selective rack. Selective rack is the most like the kind of shelving that you have at home right now. It allows you to place the products on the rack as you please. This could be the best type of rack for a normal e-commerce business. It is because a normal e-commerce business is going to send out products in ones or twos, unless there is a sale on a certain type of brand, then the product will be leaving in large amounts as the customers order them.

Push Back Rack System:

However, if you are a clothing maker then your situation may be a little bit different. You are a supplier and you may do some selling of the product yourself although that tends to be more unique around what you do. If you have multiple products and those products are in boxes or pallets together then you can use a system called a push back rack system. The push back rack system is good for high-density storage. High-density storage means that you can store a lot of product in a defined area. A push back rack also replaces the product any product picked from the shelf or rack level. It uses gravity and specially made rollers to control how fast it gets to the front. It does this to make sure that your product does not get damaged. The system of inventory management it uses is LIFO or last-in – last out. You or your employees will pick and replenish the pallet rack from the same opening. The effect of this means that a new product is going to go out first while older products are pulled forward as needed. If you lack enough time then this inventory management system, or a storage system, is probably best for you. You do not have to pull the product forward. The system does it for you. Therefore, you have more time to do other things.

Decking Choice:

If you do have a lot of products in your business then you probably want a lot of storage space. A standard pallet rack provides 2500 pounds of uniformly distributed weight capacity which is a lot of products. However, if you are big enough then you will want more storage than just that amount. You can get that either by ordering higher capacity pallet racks or by storing things vertically. If you choose to store things vertically then your choice of decking matters because of fire suppression. A lot of companies try to use wood support bars for their decking choice. The choice of wood support bars can be a problem because the use of them will limit how high you can stack your product on the pallet rack. The truth is that an inspector is not going to like seeing wood being used as your decking. It is because wood is flammable. If your sprinkler is weak then that is going to be a concern and they may not allow you to stack very high on your shelving units. Also, a lot of people who use wood support bars like to push together the wood support bars so that there is no space between the bars. What you need to know about this practice is that it will not allow water to pass through your rack levels to the bottom-most levels. It is something that inspectors look at when they look at your business. If the water cannot pass through to the lower levels then you will not be able to stack as high as you could if you did not have that situation happening on your pallet racks.

Wire Mesh Decks:

It is the reason that most pallet racks in the marketplace use wire mesh decks. The wire mesh deck allows water to pass through to the lower levels of a pallet rack. It is because of this fact that wire mesh decks are considered superior to wood support bars. They allow for greater fire suppression. It is this fire suppression ability that will let you stack higher than if you used wood support beams that are pressed together. Wire mesh decks may sound like they have less capacity than wood-based products but they do not. Standard versions of wire mesh decks can handle 2500 pounds of uniformly distributed weight. Therefore, if you are intending to stack vertically in your business then you need to make a choice that allows you to have a deck choice where water from the sprinkler can reach the bottom-most levels of your pallet rack.

Safety Products:

We are talking a lot about safety and the truth is that your pallet racks can be much safer by the use of a few products. The products that we are talking about here are safety clips and safety pins. Safety clips do come with most pallet racks. A safety clip is a very good thing because they help your rack-level stays where they should and that is on the pallet rack. However, you should know that safety clips tend to fail. The worst part of that fact is that they do not look like they are failing. Most of the time, if a safety clip is going to fail, it looks like it is in good condition. However, you may have a whole rack level of a product come down on you or your employees. A situation that you definitely want to avoid. The best way to do this is to get safety pins to backup your safety clips. They are heavy-duty items that tend not to fail as much as safety clips. They provide an extra layer of protection against a shelf level coming down on you or your employees.

Column Protection:

If your big enough to have a forklift in your business then you will want to protect your pallet racks from getting damage from that forklift. The best way to do this is to get column protection or RAMguards on your pallet rack as soon as possible. These pallet rack protection products handle accidental contacts between your forklift and your pallet rack. They cover areas where your pallet rack would make contact from your forklift. They take the force of the blow instead of your pallet rack which leaves them sturdy and stable. In fact, many local governments are now requiring that people make use of these products for safety reasons. It may not be active in your area yet but it is coming. You may as well be ready for the requirement by getting what you need now.

Modular Offices:

If you have a warehouse then you are probably concerned with some of your products leaving your warehouse without being paid for by employees and customers. One of the ways you can fix this is by using a modular office in your warehouse. A modular office is a versatile tool in your warehouse because it can be moved or used for a variety of different applications. For example, if you need a lunchroom in your warehouse or anywhere else in your business then you can use a modular office. Keep in mind that a modular office, for the most part, lives inside the building. There are places, for example, like Washington state where a search for modular offices will bring up mobile offices. The two should not be confused with each other. A mobile office is one that a company would use a truck or some other type of vehicle to bring to an area. Additionally, you find these, generally, outside a venue. However, they are very similar in the fact that they both have heating and cooling hookups in addition to hookups for electricity. Yet, that is where the similarity ends. A modular office is meant to be used inside a plant, warehouse, or factory. It can also be disassembled and moved with a forklift or, in some cases, a pallet jack to a new location. If you need some type of office or another type of room in your warehouse then you should consider getting a modular office. It will give you a lot of flexibility now and into the future as your needs grow. You should know that this room is not attached to your business’s existing structure. It does not need as much work to get a permit in most locations.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

There is another item that also is not attached to the building and can increase your storage capacity at the same time. A lot of people think about adding a second level of storage to their warehouse, factory, or plant. Most people think that they have to add to the building in order to have this done. The truth is that you can get a mezzanine work platform to add the second level to your business. You can do that without adding to the building itself. The upside of doing this is that you do not need the same type of permit process as you would adding that amenity to the building. A mezzanine work platform can be as mobile as a modular office but it is important to note that most mezzanine work platforms are built custom to the building in which they reside. For example, the mezzanine work platform needs to be built with any special amenities in mind.  You will have a hard time finding a used mezzanine work platform on the market. Most work platforms will not fit other warehouses without some augmentation. Therefore, if you do have a work platform then it might not be as mobile as a modular office. As a result, you could not plan a work platform to fit another space in your warehouse. It just takes a little foresight in order to get a mezzanine work platform that can do this for you.

Warehouse Design:

A CAD warehouse great way to plan out your warehouse for the future or for current times. A properly done layout will give you multiples perspectives on how your warehouse, factory, or plant work. You can see how the work will flow through your particular business. You will also see if the pathways of your business for pedestrians and forklifts make sense. Obviously, you want these to process little as possible or only when necessary. A CAD warehouse layout can help you see where that could have problems and adjust for it. You can even plan for the future as your business grows.  Planning where to put mezzanines and mobile offices in the future is how to do that action.

Pallet Rack Permits:

The last thing to think about, as far as your warehouse is concerned, is how to get your warehouse to the point where it can get the permits it needs to operate. It is a daunting task that you should not take alone. We talk to these permit agencies every day and we know what they want and what they need. We also have the experience to help you through things like a CAD warehouse layout because we have worked with businesses like yours before. You can get little tips and tricks about optimizing your warehouse or workflow that you may not get elsewhere. You also get our expert help with getting through the permit process as painlessly as possible.

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