Pallet Rack Installation

Properly installing pallet rack, cantilever rack, and other warehouse rack is critical to the stability, safety, and efficiency of your warehouse.

Pallet Rack Installation Done Right

Pallet racking helps you efficiently utilize valuable warehouse space. Therefore, a well-designed is a vital part of making a warehouse profitable. However, warehouse racking must be properly installed. Properly maintaining a safe warehouse through proper installation is still paramount.

Speedrack West specializes in warehouse storage systems and material handling solutions, and pallet rack installation is just one of the services we offer to ensure that you get the most out of your industrial shelving purchase.

Our warehouse rack installation service takes the hassle out of your racking project and ensures your system is installed correctly and efficiently. Most importantly, you’re busy – you’ve got work to do – let us handle your warehouse rack installation.

We Install Any Type of Warehouse Rack

Our experienced installation team is capable of installing nearly any type of warehouse rack, including:

  • Pallet Rack
  • Cantilever Rack
  • Pushback Rack
  • Drive-In / Drive-Thru Rack
  • Bulk Rack
  • Shelving

Let Us Install your Warehouse Rack

Most businesses recognize that it’s not worth the time, effort, hassle, or risk to attempt the installation of a warehouse rack project themselves. Consequently, doing it wrong can mean failing inspections, permit denials, safety risks, and extra costs to reinstall it properly.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll want us to install your racking:

  • Experience – Our installers do this all day, every day.
  • Speed – We will have your racking installed in the shortest time possible.
  • Safety – It’s our number one priority.
  • Professional – We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.
  • Hassle-Free – Keep your team working on what they do best.
  • Done Right – Rest easy knowing your storage system is installed correctly.
  • Tear Down – We’ll remove your existing racking.

Our Pallet Rack Installation Process

We take pallet rack installation seriously. Therefore, here’s our five-step process to get the job done right:

  1. Verify installation CAD drawings with customer
  2. Coordinate installation time and delivery of rack and installation equipment
  3. Install racking according to drawings and customer guidance
  4. Anchor racking to concrete
  5. Confirm customer satisfaction

Rack relocation

Whether you need to move your racking a few feet or many miles, we can help. Our team will safely dismantle your existing pallet rack. As a result, we’ll band it properly for secure transport and then ship the racking to the new location.  Most importantly, we’ll then install the racking in your new location.

Get a Quote and let us move your warehouse racking for you.

Tear Down & Warehouse Liquidation

If you’re done with the rack in your location, our pallet rack tear down and liquidation service removes your racking. Moreover, we frequently re-home used pallet rack and other warehouse racking types. Therefore, you get cash for your used rack. You also get the peace of mind knowing it went somewhere where it will be well used.

If you also need new racking, we’ll give you a credit for your used racking and apply it to the purchase of your new racking system.

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