Seismic Calculations

Seismic Calcs are provided by an engineer to determine racking capacity during an earthquake.

Seismic Calculations are almost always a requirement of the permit process. However, this is not something you can do on your own (unless, I suppose, you happen to be a seismic engineer). Above all, the good news is, we’re here to help. Moreover, our seismic engineers will prepare all the required calculations and documentation required for permitting.

pallet rack seismic calculations

Seismic Calculations and Rack Configurations


Every different configuration of racking must have the required calculations. Consequently, the cost of pallet rack seismic calculations increases as the number of different configurations increases. Subsequently, the first four configurations are included in the base price, and additional configurations would be an added charge.


You can keep costs down by having fewer racking configurations. Moreover, using different heights/depths frames, or different length or capacity of beams would be a separate configuration. As a result, even varying the number or spacing of beam levels is considered a different configuration.


Factors Considered in Seismic Calculations:


When an engineer performs calculations to determine acceptable capacities, he will consider many factors, including:


  • Configurations
  • Beam spacing & length
  • Frame depth & height
  • Steel gauge
  • Desired capacities
  • Seismic activity
  • Concrete thickness
  • And more


Finally, if the engineer determines that your proposed racking is insufficient for your desired capacities, they will indicate what changes would need to be made to the racking. For example, they may specify a heavier gauge frame, or a larger face size beam.


Contact us for a quote on pallet rack seismic calculations for your warehouse racking project.

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