Optimize Your Warehouse With Pallet Racking and Shelving in Eugene, Oregon

Pallet racking and shelving in Eugene, Oregon | Speedrack West

Your warehouse can be optimized to hold more product by installing the best pallet racks and shelves in the correct layout. This is something that Speedrack West has been specializing in for over 35 years. Our goal has always been to solve our client’s storage and material handling problems. 

Speedrack West is a leading provider of pallet racking and shelving systems for warehouses. We stock pallet rack right here in Oregon for quick shipping. We also build custom pallet racks for specific warehouse applications. 

If you are searching for pallet racking in Eugene, Jeff at Speedrack West can help meet all your needs.

How Pallet Racking Works

Pallet racking is a storage system that enables you to maximize the usable space in your warehouse. By utilizing vertical space (which is so often wasted in a warehouse), you can easily increase your storage capacity by 100-200% or more. Selective pallet rack lets you maintain easy accessibility to your products, so you can pull the product you need at any time. 

Working With a Pallet Rack Expert to Design Your System

It is critical that your pallet rack system is designed correctly. A poorly designed rack system is not only inefficient, it could be extremely unsafe. That’s why we’re here to help make sure you get the right warehouse rack for your company, so you can be both efficient and safe.

With our experience in pallet rack systems, we’ll look at the size and shape of your warehouse, the shape and weight of your inventory and any special considerations like refrigeration or protection from water. We’re experienced at providing warehouse racking solutions for storing irregularly shaped and fragile items and creating easy inventory systems that allow you to locate whatever you need in seconds while also dramatically increasing your storage space. 

Warehouse Shelving and Racking in Eugene, Oregon | Speedrack West

What Are the Steps in Creating a Racking System?

If you’re looking to install pallet rack or cantilever rack in your warehouse, it is best to go through some initial planning. Our typical process includes developing a CAD layout of your warehouse, performing seismic calculations, obtaining pallet rack permits, and performing the pallet rack installation.

Before you start any project, you’ll want to read up on how to plan your pallet rack project timeline.

If you are looking to dispose of old racking to upgrade a system, you can often sell your pallet rack and recoup some of the cost.

Finding a Pallet Racking Specialist

While highly industrialized areas may have several local pallet racking companies, this is not the case everywhere. At Speedrack West we have developed a nationwide presence in order to service companies that may be in more remote or less-serviced areas. No matter where you’re at or what you’re storing, we can help answer your questions and get you the shelving solutions you need.

At Speedrack West, we have experience with storing a variety of products in different industries. Eugene has been known to be home to a number of agricultural products and storage facilities.  Agricultural products can be tricky to store, and it is worth finding a company who knows your product. Our experts at Speedrack West have experience with the tricky-to-navigate cannabis and hemp industry. We can help growers store their product in a method designed for efficient distribution.

To receive more information about Speedrack West and the nationwide services our company provides, feel free to give Jeff a call at 503-883-1193, or use our contact us page.

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