Rack Safety

Pallet Racking Safety Tips


Pallet racks organize your warehouse.  Consequently, they increase efficiency in your warehouse as well. However, without regular pallet rack inspections and safety training, you could be putting your employees at risk. Subsequently, it is important to be aware of proper pallet racking safety. Adhering to proper guidelines and polices will result in your warehouse suffering from less litigation. Your workers will also be happier because the work environment is less likely to harm their health. Morale reaches new heights which will allow them to become more productive. A plus for your business as it will be able to handle more work. Here are a few of the highlights of the things you should think about in pallet racking safety procedures:


  • Become familiar with how to inspect your pallet rack frames, beams, and other components to identify safety concerns.
  • Pallet rack systems over 5′ 9″ require seismic calculations and permits for installation and usage.
  • Frames must be securely anchored to the concrete floor.
  • Employees need regular training in rack safety procedures. Moreover, these include how to safely operate forklifts and other equipment.


Before using a pallet rack system, take time to educate yourself and your employees on proper safety guidelines. Take a glance at the following Rack Safety Infographic for more safety tips.

Rack Safety - How to Inspect Your Pallet Rack

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