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Pallet Rack and Cantilever Rack for Pipes and other heavy/long products:

Pipes are large heavy objects that can be difficult to store. Another thing that can be difficult is figuring out which storage solution you should use for these pipes or any other type of long heavy object that you need to store. The answer is that you use a cantilever rack. Cantilever rack was designed to hold heavy and long products like pipes, timber, and steel. It was designed to hold things that a normal pallet rack could not hold because they are too long. The cantilever rack makes use of extended arms that allow things like pipes and timber to be placed and stored on those extended arms. You might be thinking that this would allow them to roll off of the cantilever rack. You would be correct if you did not select a cantilever rack that had inclined arms. Another choice you could make is to get cantilever stop pins to make sure that your product does not roll off your cantilever rack. In fact, you can even do both as the use of inclined arms are not contraindicated with using cantilever stop pins. The installation of cantilever stop pins is not that difficult if that is something that worries you. The cantilever stop pins are a drop-in installation. They can be done very quickly and painlessly and, generally, it is not a bother to have them installed on your cantilever rack.

If you have other equipment or supplies that you need to have for your work then you can use a selective pallet rack for those items. A standard version of the selective pallet rack can hold up to 2500 lbs of uniformly distributed weight per level. If you contrast that with the weight limit of most consumer-level shelving options than you will see a big difference as the consumer level items will, usually, only hold up to 800 lbs for the whole apparatus. Keep in mind that, if you have smaller items that you need to store like bolts or other plumbing-related hardware then you may want to have plastic storage bins in which you will place your items so that they do not fall between your racks or through the decking.

We are talking about decking right now so it is a good time to talk about what type of decking you will need. One of the things we should mention right away is that a lot of people want to push their decking together. It does not matter if it is wood support bars or metal support bars. People push their decking together because it does not allow product to roll through if it is small enough to do so. However, you should keep in mind that pushing your pallet support beams, whether they are wood or metal, will cause a problem for you. The problem is that your sprinkler system cannot reach the lower levels of your pallet rack very easily if there is no gap. The consequence of doing this action means that you will not be able to store as vertically as you wish. An inspector is looking for fire suppression and a decking choice that is pushed together is not going to allow very good fire suppression for lower levels of a pallet rack. Therefore, it is usually smart to choose something that does have gaps in it so that the water can reach the lower levels of your pallet rack. Therefore, you can hold more product in your warehouse so that you do not have a supply and demand problem when customers order from you. One of the best decking options you can get is wire mesh deck. A wire mesh deck, at least the standard version of a wire mesh deck, can hold 2500 pounds of uniformly distributed weight. Please note that you can get a wire mesh deck that can hold more than this or less if you ask us for those options. Otherwise, you will get the 2500 pound capacity of the standard versions of the wire mesh deck. Wire mesh deck also features gaps that allow the sprinklers to access the bottom-most levels of your pallet racks.

Safety Products:

If you are a big enough plumbing company then you have a forklift. If you have a forklift then the unfortunate side effect of having one is that your incidence of forklifts colliding with your pallet racks or cantilever racks becomes higher. What you can do for your pallet racks is to get safety protection devices that will absorb the blow if they have contact with a forklift that is accidental. Two of the best safety protection devices for a pallet rack are a column guard in a RAMguard. They both protect your pallet rack by absorbing the contact from your forklift. Obviously, the only caveat is to this is that the contact needs to be made on the column guard or RAMguard. Luckily they are designed with the thought process of coverage and forklift contact. They are, generally, large enough to handle the areas where a forklift may contact your pallet rack most frequently. However, you could stack your column guard or RAMguard with other column guards or RAMguards in order to have full coverage of your pallet rack. It might be more expensive to do this but if you are very concerned about safety then it is certainly something that you can do for your pallet racks or cantilever racks.

Another item that you want to consider is getting safety clips or safety pins for your pallet rack. It is true that most pallet racks come with safety clips. A safety clip is an excellent protection device against a rack full of product falling on you or your employees. However, there is a problem with safety clips in that they can become disconnected from the pallet rack but seem like they are still in place. Therefore, it makes sense to check on the condition of your safety clips often so that you can find out if they are out of position and are not going to be able to help you in a time of need. The second thing you can do about this is that you can get safety pins. Safety pins are more durable and last longer. They also fail less frequently than a safety clip. If you want to have maximum safety when working around your pallet racks with or without a forklift then having a safety clip and a safety pin is a good idea.

Modular Offices:

If your operation is big enough then you may want to consider getting a modular office for your workspace. A modular office is a versatile piece of equipment because it allows you to move an office around your warehouse, plant, or factory as needed. If your plumbing warehouse is big enough then you may want one of these modular warehouse offices inside of it. It has multiple uses including being an administrative office, a storage room, or even a break room. You can almost use it for any particular need you have as long as those needs only take air conditioning/heating or electrical hookups. In fact, if you added lockers then you might be able to make this a space for your employees. If your needs grow and change over time then you can repurpose this room or move it across to the other side of the warehouse by using a forklift. You may even be able to use a pallet jack to move the office in some cases. It is important to note that these offices are not attached to the building. If you have a landlord and do not own the building then you may not want to add to it necessarily. Therefore, having a modular office gives you the flexibility to choose if you want an office in the warehouse and to take it with you if you happen to leave and go to another spot. Finally, there is less to do for permits because this particular item is not attached to the building in most locations.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

Another way to go to get more storage in your warehouse is to consider adding a second level to your warehouse. It sounds like we are talking about adding to the building here but we are not. We are talking about adding a mezzanine work platform to your warehouse space. A mezzanine work platform is not attached to the building and has some degree of mobility. We can only say that the work platforms have a degree of mobility because many of these mezzanine work platforms are designed to custom fit a warehouse for which they occupy. There are many features and warehouses that are unique just to that warehouse. For example, a warehouse may have a ladder or a staircase leading up to the roof. A mezzanine work platform will have to be designed to fit around that order to accommodate those amenities. It is the reason why you do not see a lot of mezzanine work platforms for sale as used products. Therefore, if you are going to move a work platform around then you need to make sure that it fits the space in which you will place it. However, it is possible to disassemble a mezzanine work platform and move it somewhere else as long as it fits the dimensions of the new place where it is going.

Warehouse Design:

If this all seems overwhelming to you then we can definitely help you get your warehouse plumbing storage solutions in order. We can help you optimize the workflow of your business through a CAD warehouse layout. A CAD warehouse layout will give you multiple perspectives on how your warehouse will look and function. You will also get insights from the company you work with because they have worked with businesses just like you and know little processes or tips and tricks to get your warehouse working as it should. A good company can help you through the whole process which includes pallet rack selection and the general layout of your warehouse for optimum efficiency.

Pallet Rack Permits:

A final issue you may have to handle is pallet rack permits. If the sound of permits causes you anxiety then please know that you can get help with getting through the process without much pain. The way to do this is to work with a reputable company that speaks to these permit agencies every day. A company that speaks to the permit agencies every day can assist you in getting through the process by using the little tips and tricks they picked up by working with businesses like you over time. They also know when your local government needs something and how to get it to them. You can shortcut all the headaches by using a good company that is willing to handle all this for you.

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