108″ Pallet Rack Beam

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  • The pallet rack beam we have here is an industrial strength that features a standard 1 5/8” step beam.
  • It hightly compatible with multiple styles of pallet racks including those that use Teardrop and Interlake New Style frames.
  • It has a power-coat to resist stratches and to add an extra layer of rust protection.
  • The beam is strong as it is made out of a high strength 55,000 psi steel

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The 108″ pallet rack beam can also be called a 108″ cross beam. The function of this beam is to help form the “shelf” area of a pallet rack system. It can hold pallets, skids, your products, and other items. The 108″ pallet rack beam has been used as a vertical growing apparatus in some industries as well. It is a necessary item for one of the most versatile items you will ever own in your warehouse.

The rails or beams are made of a heavy-duty steel material that also features a standard 1 5/8″ step. The step is an important feature because it allows them to be compatible with many of the popular decking solutions such as wire mesh decking, wood supports, punch deck, or pallet support crossbars.

The pallet rack beams are very easy to install in your pallet rack. They have a click-in installation that does not require you to have any tools at all. No complicated guides to follow.

You should know that you will need two beams in order to make a full shelf. Keep in mind that you will also have to keep in mind the capacities of your rack and the levels with their decking capacity as well. You need to do before you decide how many shelves you want so you know that you are not going over your capacity. Finally, you will have to check with your local government for allowable limits for vertical storage in your area, for your specific situation, and rack.

108″ Pallet Rack Beam Manufacturing Standards:

The 108″ pallet rack beams or cross beams you see on this page have been manufactured to the standards set forth by the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI). You may see us refer to RMI and that is what that acronym stands for on our site.

108″ not the size you need? You can have a look at our full line of pallet rack beams by clicking that link. If that still does not have the right size for your business then give us a call at 503-640-5666 and we can custom fabricate your beams. Tell us what you need. We can get it done for you if it is possible.

Still not what you want? Looking for used beams of this size or any other? Call us at 503-640-5666. Our stock changes all the time but we just may have exactly what you need today. You can also sign up for notifications of used products we get in stock as we get them. Enter your information into the form you can find by clicking here.

Figuring Out How Much Capacity You Need for Your 108″ Pallet Rack Beam

The necessary capacity levels for each level of your shelving/racking unit depend on what you are going to put on them. Keep in mind that the formula we share below is for two pallet rack beams. The weight has to be distributed in a uniformly distributed manner. If you have a point load or any other load then you will have to use other calculations or another product. You should seek professional help at that point, however, as that is a very custom application. If you have any questions about the application of the formula or pallet racks in general then give us a call and we will guide you through the process.

The first step of figuring out the capacity you need is to find out what the heaviest pallet or product you will have on the shelf/rack level. You take that number and multiply by the number positions you will fill with that object. Keep in mind that it might be smart to plan for every position of the shelf/rack level for this particular product. It is better to have more capacity than it is to have too little. The resulting number is your estimated beam capacity. The standard user of these pallet rack beams usually has 2 to 3 pallets per position on their racks.

108″ Pallet Rack Beam and Other Beam Sizes Capacity Chart:

You should know how much beam capacity you need. Therefore, you should be able to take a look at the chart on this page to figure out which beam is appropriate. We hope it is this 108″ pallet rack beam but you can also look at the main page for pallet rack beams in order to find the correct size for your application. Keep in mind that the capacities are for these beams only. If you change the beams to wood, other materials, or other manufacturers then we cannot account for the variances. We can only tell you what we know about our products. We would not use these numbers as a guide for anything other than our own products. Also, remember that these beam capacities are for uniformly distributed static loads.

Seismic Concerns:

One more factor to consider is if you live in an area with seismic concerns like California, Oregon, Washington, and many others. If you do live and work in one of these areas then give us a call. We can help with the smaller questions you have and the bigger ones too. We can also help you select the right beam size for your business as well.

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