120 Inch Pallet Rack Beam for Teardrop Racks

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  • Made to fit Teardrop and Interlake New Style frames.
  • It also has a powder coat which gives it extra protection against scratches and more protection against rusting.
  • It includes a standard 1 5/8” step beam design.
  • The teardrop pallet rack beam is made out of a high strength 55,000 psi steel.

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General Information about a 120 Inch Pallet Rack Beam

FAQ’s about 120 Inch Pallet Rack Beams:

I’m looking for cross beams, not pallet rack beams… Where can I find them?
The beams you see on this page are cross beams. The specific product you are looking at on this page is a 120 inch pallet rack beam or cross beam. If you need a different size then you can click over and have a look at the other pallet rack beam sizes available. If you need a custom beam size then call us at 503-640-5666. We can custom fabricate a set of beams. We can even fabricate a custom pallet rack if you wish to do so.

What styles of frames are these beams compatible with?
They work with teardrop or Interlake frames.

I’m not a pallet rack expert so, I know this is a stupid question, what do they do?
Pallet rack beams or cross beams help to make up the structure that becomes your shelving units “shelf level” or rack level. If you did not have the pallet rack beams then you would have nothing to place your product or pallets on when you receive them. You would, basically, have a steel frame for almost no reason in your warehouse. You can see how the pallet rack beams and the pallet rack interact to form the shelf by clicking this link.

What a Step Beam Means for a Pallet Rack Beam:

When you say “step beam” you mean this indent on the beam, right?
The step in the beam does refer to this section, yes. The step in the beam is meant to be there so that you can lay your support bars in them without needing to lay them over the top in a way that could allow them to be pushed out of place. For example, in this picture, you can see a rack without a step. If you pushed forward on this rack’s wood decking then you could move and displace them. You could destabilize them and the product on top of that decking could do any number of things.

Falling Products:

The things it could do include falling on you or falling through and getting damaged. If there is more product underneath it then that product will get damaged too. If you look at the decking in this picture that does have the step then you can see there is no edge to push. It is because the step is covering it. Therefore, a stepped beam can be safer than one that does not have a step.

I see, then how deep is this step anyway?
The information we have says that it is 1 5/8″. You can use pallet supports, wood supports, and wire decking with it. It is a very compatible pallet rack beam.

Pallet Rack Beam Tools and the Number of Beams in an Order:

I am a business that sells suitcases and I’m not great with tools. It was never my thing. Am I going to have trouble installing this thing in my pallet rack?
The installation of this pallet rack beam or cross bar is a simple click in operation. There are no tools required to get it installed.

You sell these not individually, right? That means that if I order one then I’m getting two of these?
The product is sold individually. You will have to order two beams to make a complete shelf level with your rack.

I’m not an expert. But I’d like to know that these were manufactured to some kind of standard. Are they? If so, then which one so I can look it up and prove this is a good standard to follow.
We follow the guidelines set up by the Rack Manufacturers Institute. it is called the RMI for short. Most rack manufacturers and businesses follow the guidelines they publish. You are more than welcome to look them up. In fact, most local governments set up their rules based on what is found in their guidelines.

Got any other sizes other than this 120 inch pallet rack beam?
We do have other pallet sizes available. You can see them by clicking here. Custom fabrications are available for almost any pallet rack beam you need. Call us at 503-640-5666 to talk to us about what you need.

I really need to find a used pallet rack beam. How can I do that?
Call us at 503-640-5666. We may have what you need in stock. You can also join this list in order to get the first notification of used items we have coming into the shop.

General Infomation on 120″ Pallet Rack

Need help figuring out how much capacity you need? Here is what you need to do in order to get that number.

What is the heaviest thing you plan on placing on the shelf level of your pallet rack? Figure out how much that weighs then figure out how many you want to store on your shelf. Take that number and times it against the weight of that pallet or product. The resulting number is the capacity you need from your beam. Keep in mind that this is the capacity for two pallet rack beams. For example, if it is a pallet full of products which is 200 lbs each and the company wants 3 of those pallets on the shelf then the needed capacity is 600 lbs. Obviously, this is a very light example and the number of pallets is derived from the fact that most people fit 2 to 3 pallets of products on a rack or shelf level.

Keep in mind that the graphic you see on this page is for the physical capacity of our pallet rack beams. Materials can change from manufacturer to manufacturer and we cannot say how they develop their racks. We can only talk about what we know about our own racks. The gauge of steel, lengths, and heights can and will change which will affect the capacity of the pallet rack beam you are looking at and considering. If it is not one of ours then we cannot tell you what the capacity of someone else’s pallet rack is accurately with confidence.

If any of this seems confusing then you should give us a call. We can be reached at 503-640-5666. Call us so we can help you with seismic calculations and rack permits. We can answer almost any question you have with pallet racks. Give us a call. We would love to help you and your business.

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