144″ Pallet Rack Beam

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  • The 144″ pallet rack beam is a standard 1 5/8” step beam
  • The pallet rack beam is compatible with both teardrop and Interlake New Style frames. It will fit a wide variety of existing pallet racks.
  • It includes a powder coat meant to resist corrosion and offers greater protection from scratches other cosmetic problems.
  • It is made up of a high-strength 55,000 psi steel. You will be hard pressed to find a better quality pallet rack beam.

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General Information about the 144″ Pallet Rack Beam

FAQ’s about the 144″ Pallet Rack Beam:

My co-workers told me that I need to look for “cross beams”. I’m not really sure what those are and some sites are saying they are the same as these pallet rack beams. Is that true? If this what I need?
Crossbeams and pallet rack beams are the same thing. If you are, or are looking for, those beams in a 144″ configuration then you are in the right place. If you are looking for another size then you will have to check our main page for pallet rack beams by clicking the link.

What are the specific face sizes that are available for this beam? Do you have any that have a height of 5″?
The two available sizes for this 144″ pallet rack beam are 5.5″ and 6.25″. If you are wondering about capacity differences then you should know that the 5.5″ version has a capacity of 4,000 lbs. and the 6.25″ size has a capacity of 7,000 lbs.

Alright, I know I am supposed to be getting this crossbar or beam but I don’t know why? What does it do, specifically?
The pallet rack beam with the other structural items of the pallet rack form the level or shelf areas of a pallet rack. You would not be able to hold your product or pallets of products without it. You can click this link detailing how the beam works together with other items to form the shelving area of a pallet rack.

Why the 144″ Pallet Rack Beam has a step:

I’m confused why this isn’t a solid cube-like structure. It looks like your beam has an indent or something in it. Is that intentional? Am I seeing things?
The area you are talking about is intentional. The indent, as you have called it, allows the pallet support bars to fit neatly into the side where you have a reduced chance of products falling on you or your employees. If you look at this picture you will see how the wood support bars just lay over the top of the two pallet rack support beams. It creates a situation where the wood decking could be pushed out of place and the product’s weight could be destabilized.

Products falling between the decking of a 144″ Pallet Rack Beam:

The product could fall through the rack because it is not sitting correctly, it could fall forward on you or your employees, or any number of things could happen since situations can change and it is impossible to predict your specific situation. If you contrast it with how this indent works to keep the support bars at a level with the rest of the decking surface then you can see how this could be safer for you and your employees. There is less of a chance of the support bars getting pushed around or off the decking level. Click the link here to take a look at how this indent works on a pallet rack with pallet support bars.

What can you tell me about compatibility? Am I going to be able to use my wire decking I own with this thing?
The pallet rack beam is compatible with your wire mesh decking. It can also handle pallet supports and wood supports. The step, in case you need this information, is 1 5/8″.

I’m not super mechanically inclined. I’m worried if my guys get busy with an order that I’ll have to put this in, am I going to need tools?
The pallet rack beams have an easy click-in installation that will not require tools. We do recommend that you have pallet safety clips or pins just to make sure that the pallet rack level is completely secure, however.

144″ Pallet Rack Beam Manufacturer Standards and the Amount You Get in an Order:

If I order this then am I getting two or one? Do I need two or one?
The pallet rack beams are sold individually and you will need two of them to do the job correctly. You will have to order two unless you bought one previously from us.

How safe are these things, really? Is there some kind of organization standard you adhere to or something?
The Rack Manufacturers Institute has set forth the standard we follow for these pallet rack beams.

I got here looking for pallet rack beams but I don’t necessarily need the 144″ size. Is there somewhere else on your site or another site where I can get the size I actually need?
We do carry other sizes of this pallet rack beam. You can see them by clicking here. If you still do not see what you need then you should be aware that you can have us fabricate what you need. You just have to call us at 503-640-5666 and we can talk about how to get the pallet rack beam size you need.

I’m looking for a used 144″ pallet rack beam. How do I get one of those?
We may have them in stock. Call us at 503-640-5666 and we will see if we have anything that might fit your needs.

General Information about Pallet Rack Beams

The pallet rack beams help to form the shelf where your products or pallets will sit. Getting the appropriate size and capacity is essential to making sure that you get a pallet rack that can do what you want it to for you and your company. If you want to avoid product loss and/or injuries from your pallet racks then getting this right goes a long way in providing the level of safety that you want and need from your pallet rack or racks.

The question to ponder after all this is how much capacity do you actually need from your pallet rack system. If you are willing to do a little bit of math then you will be able to figure that out and, by proxy, what size of pallet rack beam you need. Keep in mind that the number you come out with is always for two beams and not one. The weight will have to be uniformly distributed or the formula we will detail in a moment will not work.

What Beam Size and Capacity is Right For You:

You need to figure out how heavy the heaviest of your pallets or product will be when you place it on the shelf. After that then you have to figure out how many of that product you want to place on the shelf. The number you get there will be multiplied against the weight of the product you will put on the shelf. The number you come out with will tell you how much capacity you need for your pallet rack beams. You should know that most companies have 2 to 3 pallets of products or product types per shelf. The industry’s way of saying this correctly is 2 to 3 pallet positions per beam level.

You can look above to see the 144″ pallet rack beam in the 5.5 version can handle up to 4,000 lbs. The 6.25″ version can handle 7,000 lbs. If those are not the capacities you need for your business then you can click the following link and have a look at the other pallet rack beams we offer. You can also have us custom fabricate your pallet rack beams by calling 503-640-5666.

Other Concerns with Pallet Rack Beams or Other Beam Sizes

Another thing you need to think about if you do not get your beams from us is that the physical properties of the beam have a great effect on the capacity. The gauge of steel will have an effect on capacity as will the length or height of the pallet rack beam. You will sometimes see the height referred to as face size on other pages. We cannot vouch for the capacities of other websites’ products because we do not know their make up. You should not use our chart above as a reliable source of information for other websites’ pallet beam capacities. We can only tell you what we know about our products.

All loads as listed are for uniformly distributed weights. If you have a load that will get into another load type like uniform varying loads, point, loads or any other type of load then you should seek the advice of a professional to make sure that you are getting decking, a rack, and pallet rack beams capable of handling your particular job or product.

One last thing to keep in mind is that seismic calculations may be necessary for where you are located. If you feel like you need help getting through the process then call us at 503-640-5666 and we can help you through the rack permit process.

If you have any confusion about the process above or your rack in general then our team of experts can help you. Give us a call at 503-640-5666 and we will help you figure out what your rack capacity is, what size of pallet rack beam you need, and more. Call us today.


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