54″ Chrome Wire Shelving Kit

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  • Chrome Shelving Units
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Hold up to 600 to 800 lbs. per shelf

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Chrome Shelving

The 54″ Chrome Shelving Kit you see here is a heavy-duty shelving solution. As a result, the unit handles between 600 to 800 lbs of weight per shelf. The shelves on this page have 4 to 5 levels. Therefore, it is perfect for smaller businesses or for personal use at home.
chrome shelving kit - wire


Can I get more shelves for my kit?

Yes. However, you will need to buy them separately. Please keep in mind that a business that wants a shelving unit bigger than 5′ 9″ will likely need a permit. Unfortunately, no information exists on how many levels you can have on this unit before it becomes unstable. Therefore, it may make sense to build it up slowly over time. As a result, you can track how stable the unit is after adding shelves to it. In addition, one more thing to keep in mind is that there is no mention of seismic calculations, therefore, this is not something that is meant as an industrial solution for storage. As a result, all bets are off if you have a seismic movement in your area. You are better off getting a pallet rack as they will have seismic calculations if you receive them from a reputable company like ours.

Is chrome the only color available?

Yes. Chrome is, by far, the most popular and the only style we carry online at the moment. However, we can get other colors if you ask. Call us at 503-626-3417 to ask us what we can get for you. Subsequently, we will do our best to procure it and get it out to you.

What are the dimensions of the shelves themselves?

There are a few options for the size of the shelves themselves.

  • 12″W x 36″L
  • 12″W x 42″L
  • 12″W x 48″L
  • 12″W x 60″L
  • 12″W x 72″L
  • 18″W x 30″L
  • 18″W x 36″L
  • 18″W x 48″L
  • 18″W x 60″L
  • 18″W x 72″L
  • 24″W x 36″:
  • 24″W x 48″L
  • 24″W x 60″L
  • 24″W x 72″L
Will these chrome shelves come to me already assembled?

Unfortunately, no. Moreover, the cost of shipping them assembled is much higher and the reason why we do not offer this for you. As a result, it is cheaper for you and us if they are not assembled when we ship them to you.

Can I pick these up from your North Plains location?

Unfortunately, no. Moreover, these ship from a location in Houston, Texas. Therefore, there is no pick up at our store unless it is previously arranged. Subsequently, you may be able to arrange that if you give us a call at 503-626-3417.



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