74″ Chrome Wire Shelving Kit

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  • 74″ chrome wire shelving units that are great for small to mid-size businesses.
  • Variety of shelving sizes for your business
  • Hold up to 600 to 800 lbs. per shelf

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74″ Chrome Shelving Unit

Do you need a light to medium-sized storage solution for your business? A 74″ chrome shelving unit is what you need in your small to medium-sized business. Moreover, the shelving kit holds up to 600 to 800 lbs of weight per shelf. In addition, you should know that this storage solution is 74″ tall. Also, you can select units with either four or five levels of shelves. You may choose to get more shelves, however, that will not affect the overall capacity of the unit. Subsequently, if you need more storage in your business then you should procure a pallet rack. As a result, your pallet rack, should you choose to get one, will hold 1700 lbs per level more than this particular unit.

chrome shelving kit - wire


These have 4 to 5 levels of shelving. Is it possible to get more?

Yes. It is possible to purchase more shelving if you think that you need more in your business. You do need to keep in mind that there is a limit to how high you can stack product vertically on these shelves. Eventually, it will become top-heavy and a hazard. Moreover, there is the weight limit you need to keep in mind. The shelves you see on this page are meant to hold 600 lbs to 800 lbs per shelf at a maximum depending on which shelving unit you purchase. Subsequently, if you need more storage space then you should consider getting a pallet rack instead. A standard common style of pallet rack handles 2500 lbs per level of uniformly distributed weight. As a result, if you need an industrial storage solution then you should get a pallet rack instead of this shelving unit.

Are these the same shelving units as I see used in culinary schools or restaurants?

They are similar. However, it would be untrue to say that they are exactly the same because there is a wide variety of manufacturers who make this item. Therefore, we cannot account for all of them. Notwithstanding, this is very similar to those units you see in culinary schools and some restaurants.

What color is this thing? Are there other color choices?

Chrome is the only color we carry online. If you need or want another color then we may be able to get it for you. It is considered custom, however. You will have to call us to see what colors we can get for you and how soon we can get them for you. Call 503-626-3417 for more information.

Just how big are the shelves? 

You can find the dimensions of the shelves below. Keep in mind that you can get these shelving units in formats where you have 4 or 5 shelves. The height of the shelves are 74″.

  • 12″W x 36″L
  • 12″W x 42″L
  • 12″W x 48″L
  • 12″W x 60″L
  • 12″W x 72″L
  • 18″W x 30″L
  • 18″W x 36″L
  • 18″W x 48″L
  • 18″W x 60″L
  • 18″W x 72″L
  • 24″W x 36″:
  • 24″W x 48″L
  • 24″W x 60″L
  • 24″W x 72″L
Will this shelving unit arrive fully assembled?

Unfortunately, no. Sending you a fully assembled shelving unit would increase the price of shipping. In fact, ordering more than one or two of these will likely require us to do one of two things. We will send them separately or we will have to send them using a freight option. If you already have items that must be shipped via a freight option then this might make a lot of sense. Keep in mind that this is true even if you do not ask us to preassemble the shelving kit for you. If you do want it preassembled then that will be considered custom and it will require you to call us at 503-626-3417. We will speak to you about your options.

Do you stock these items in your location in Oregon?

No. These products reside in Houston, Texas. If you really wanted to pick them up then you could have them sent to our location to pick up. But, we would require that you call us to set that up and place your order over the phone. You can call us at 503-626-3417. Otherwise, the items will ship from Houston, Texas.



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