96″ Pallet Rack Beam

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  • Standard 1 5/8” step beam
  • Teardrop and Interlake New Style frames are compatible with this pallet rack support beam.
  • Uses a powder coat that gives you added rust resistance and adds another layer of durability

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General Information about the 96″ Pallet Rack Beam


Are these also cross beams? I was told to look for cross beams.
Yes. You can call them cross beams or pallet rack beams. The names can be used interchangeably if you need to do so. If you are looking for 96″ inch cross beams in heights of 3″ or 5″ inches, light or heavy-duty, then you have come to the right place.

I was told to look for a light-duty pallet rack beam for 96″ inches or something like that. Do you have that?
Yes. It is the 3″ version of the product and you can get it below.

Why do I need these? I know was told to get them but what does it do?
The 96″ cross beam connects your pallet frames. It helps to give form to the shelf level of your pallet rack. If you did not have this on your pallet rack then you would not have anywhere to place your products, pallets, or items. You can click this link here to see where that beam is placed for better reference.

Questions about the 96″ Pallet Rack Beam Step:

What is the deal with the indent in these? What is that for?
It is a safety feature for you. If you happen to use pallet support beams then you can lay them in these indents without too much fear that it will slide off the rack. It is not perfect and it might still happen but it is a little less likely since we give you this space. It is another way we try to look out for your well-being and your employees well beings. You can see how most racks sit on the beams. You can see in this picture why that would be dangerous. However, the ones we supply have an indent or divot so that the beams do not just sit on top of the pallet rack beam as such and are more secure. Click this link to see a picture of what we mean.

How much of a step does this beam have? What is compatible with?
The step is a standard 1 5/8″. It is compatible with pallet supports, wood supports, and wire decking.

Am I going to have to get my tool kit out to install these things?
No. The installation of the steel rails or beams has an easy click-in installation. You will not have to use any tools to put them in their correct spot. You may want to have safety clips and safety pins just to be extra sure that the level does not come loose, however.

How many beams do I need… Per shelf?
You will need two beams per level. Please note that these beams are sold individually. Therefore, you need to order two.

The Standard for Pallet Rack Beams:

What code do these beam follow if any at all?

RMI, the Rack Manufacturers Institute, creates the standards that most pallet rack beam manufacturers follow. These beams follow that standard.

I don’t see the beam size I need here. 96″ version is not what I need. I need something else.
You can see all the other beam sizes we have by clicking here. We can get or fabricate any other length if you need us to do so. Call us at 503-640-5666 and we should be able to help you.

What if I want a used pallet rack beam? Where do I find those?
We have those as well. Call us at 503-640-5666 and we can help you find the one you need for your business.

General Information

Pallet rack beams are an essential part of the system that you need in order to store your products. The beam supports any products on the rack level or shelf level. It is the exact reason that you need to make sure that yours are in good repair and ready to handle the jobs that you will ask them to handle.

Pallet rack beams help to make sure that your product stays where it should stay and that is on a level of your pallet rack. The last thing you need is a loss of products in your business. If a shelf or level falls from your pallet rack then you will have damage and that is why a pallet rack beam is necessary. It provides the necessary support for the whole system to do its job. A well selected and made pallet rack beam will provide the support you need for your products.

Do You Need a 96″ Pallet Rack Beam? How to Calculate Beam Capacity 

How much capacity do you need from your pallet rack beam? Does that affect the overall size of the beam itself? The answer is that there are no quick answers to that question. It involves a little bit of math. The question has to be answered by figuring out how much capacity you need the pallet rack to have per level of the rack. Keep in mind that you have to have two beams for each level or shelf of your pallet rack. The capacity has to be figured out between the two beams together instead of individually. If it sounds scary then we will have to apologize because the math required is not overly difficult.

You need to know how heavy the heaviest of your pallets will be on the shelf or level. Once you have that number then you will multiply. You multiple that number times how many of that product or pallet you will have on that specific the level or shelf of the pallet rack. The resulting number will tell you how much capacity you will need from your pallet rack beam.

You should know that most people have 2 to 3 per shelf if you are having trouble figuring this out. we can say that is 2 to 3 pallet positions per beam level if you want us to use technical industry terms.

If you have your beam capacity number then you can move on to figuring out the size of the beam you need which we hope is a 96″ beam since you are on this page. If it is not then you can click the upcoming link to have a look at other pallet rack beam sizes and their capacities to find the one appropriate for your business.

An Important Fact about Pallet Racks and Their Associated Beams:

An important thing you should know is that the physical properties will affect the overall capacity of the beam. Things like the gauge of steel and length/height, or face size as it is sometimes called, are important factors as well.

The chart you see above shows the specific capacities of the 96″ pallet rack beam we carry. Again, if it is not the right capacity for your business then click the link and you will find more pallet rack beam sizes with different capacities. The beam capacities uniformly distributed static loads. If you have uniform varying loads, point loads, or other types of loads then you may have to do some recalculations to figure out which beam style is appropriate for your usage.

Keep in mind that you still may have to conform with seismic calculations and/or testing in accordance with your local government. We can help you with that if necessary. Call us at 503-640-5666 and we will figure out what you need to do to be in compliance for rack permit purposes.

If you are not quite certain about your rack’s current capacity then we can help figure it out. We have a lot of experience and can definitely help you get the information you need. Our team will help you figure out your capacity and your required beam size if you need us to do so. You will be hard-pressed to find a more professional team of experts than the ones you can find here at Speedrack West.


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