Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor

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  • Speed depends on the model: 3-120 FPM.
  • Capacity is 300 lb of total distributed live load.
  • Electrical controls: optional
  • Contact Us for custom sizing or additional options/features.

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Every conveyor system is custom-designed to meet your specific needs. We start by understanding your requirements, including the types of products to be handled, their dimensions, and your throughput goals. With this information, we tailor conveyor solutions that align perfectly with your operational demands, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient material handling solution. Contact us.

Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor

Why should you opt for the belt-driven live roller conveyor?

  • Belt-driven conveyors can handle a wide range of products, from small items to large, heavy loads, making them suitable for various industries and applications.
  • Belt driven live roller (BDLR) conveyors can accumulate products without the use of external controls, allowing for efficient buffering and accumulation of items along the conveyor line.
  • Compared to chain-driven conveyors, belt-driven systems operate more quietly, creating a better working environment for employees.
  • BDLR conveyors ‌require less maintenance than chain-driven systems, as they have fewer moving parts and consume less energy than other types of conveyors.
  • Belt-driven conveyors can be easily customized to meet specific layout and application requirements, including inclines, declines, curves, and merges.

How does it work?

Belt Driven Live Roller conveyor uses a single motor to move items long distances. The key difference between it and a gravity conveyor is that it momentarily stops items at different checkpoints. Belt-drive conveyor systems are mostly used for medium- to heavy loads, pallets, for example.
The main difference between roll-to-roll-driven conveyors is the driven principle. A belt-driven roller conveyor uses V-belts, or flat belts, that are supported by controlled pressure on the underside of the rollers. As the belt moves, friction between the belt and the roller causes the roller to rotate. Roll-to-roll-driven conveyors are driven by elastic loops from roller to roller in series. When one roller is driven, they all rotate in the same direction. Quote us today.

How many models are there?

The Roach series of belt-driven live roller conveyors includes a variety of models:
Live Roller Conveyor Curve with 4 Models.


Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor | Belt Driven Live Roller 138LRC VS 138LRCS | Speedrack West

The capacity of both: 300 lb. of total distributed live load. The speed is 60 FPM, constant. Both have bed: 6″ x 1-1/2″ x 12 ga. formed steel channel frame.
However, the tangents of the Spur Conveyor Curve are 12″ on both ends on a 60/30 degree unit and 18″ on both ends on a 45/45 degree unit.
In contrast, model 138LRC has tangents of 12″ both ends on a 90-degree unit; 18″ both ends on a 45-degree unit.


Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor | Belt Driven Live Roller 196LRC VS 196LRCS | Speedrack West

The one thing you should know about the model 196 LRC is that tangents are 1′-0″ both ends on 90 degrees; 1′-6″ both ends on 45 degrees; 1′-0″ both ends on 180 degrees. Tangent roller centers are provided on 3″ RC.


Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor | Belt Driven Live Roller 796CALR VS 251CALR | Speedrack West

The first model, Roach 796CALR, is ideally suited for side loading, unloading, or temporary accumulation. Its unique cam allows tread roller drive pressure to be adjusted in only seconds.
Roach 251CALR is the choice to horizontally move heavier unit loads where transfers, side loading, or unloading are required. Its standard center drive allows for reversible operation.
The difference is the specifications. The Medium-duty model has a bed: 6″ x 1-1/2″ x 12 ga. channel frame slotted for tread rollers to pop out. Speed is 60 FPM, constant.
The Heavy-duty model has a bed: 7″ x 1-1/2″ x 10 ga. formed steel channel frame is slotted for tread rollers to pop out. When the unit is installed at 7′-0″ elevation or higher, rollers must be retained in the conveyor frame. The speed is 35 FPM, constant.


Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor | 638CALR Light Duty Belt Driven Live Roller | Speedrack West

Whether you prefer to use a belt driven roller conveyor for increased efficiency, or reduced maintenance costs, or both, it can improve the overall productivity of your material handling operations. Speedrack West team provides it speedy for you. Quote us today!


Yes, we know there is a wide range of choices. The good news is that we’re here and ready to offer your business the right model because we know all about them. Call us and be sure.


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