Cantilever Rack Starter Kit

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Cantilever rack is perfect for storing long objects, such as lumber, pipes, and building materials. These cantilever pallet rack starter kits are the perfect way to get everything you need for a full cantilever rack system.

Each Cantilever Rack Starter Kit Includes:

  • 2-Cantilever Upright Frames
  • 2-48″ Base Supports (4 for double-sided racks)
  • 48″ Cantilever Arms
    • 3 Arm Levels for 144″ Height
    • 4 Arm Levels for 196″ Height
    • Choose between single- and double-sided Racks (Number of arms will be adjusted accordingly)
  • Cantilever Structural Bracing (48″ bracing to connect and support the uprights)
  • Cantilever Stop Pins for Securing the Arms to the Frame
  • Rack Anchors for Securing the Rack to the Floor

If you need more than one cantilever rack, or need a custom cantilever racking solution for your warehouse or operation, feel free to use our cantilever rack builder tool.

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Available Options:


Cantilever rack is perfect for storing long objects, such as lumber, pipes, and building materials.

  • Conveniently store long materials
  • Heavy duty structural I-Beam construction
  • 12 ft or 16 ft height cantilever uprights
  • Single-sided or double-sided

Cantilever Racks

If you own a business that sells lumber, piping, carpeting or any other type of long, bulky item, then you’ve probably already run into the issue of trying to store all those long, bulky items. It’s tempting, but it is not a recommended storage practice to simply pile everything up on the floor! This is where a good cantilever racking system comes in.

Cantilever racking is a type of warehouse storage system that makes it easy for you to store long and bulky items that is difficult to store on a normal storage shelf.

Individual Components of Cantilever Racking Systems

Cantilever racks are made up of a few different components: bases, uprightsarms, and bracing. If you are looking for individual cantilever rack parts, you can find them here:

The bases serve as the cornerstone of the racking system and anchor it to the floor, acting as the main stabilizing component for the entire system.

Next, there are the upright columns. These connect to the base and have holes in them for the cantilever arms to connect to the system. The cantilever arms, in turn, serve as the actual shelving units where you can place your long and bulky items. They compose each of the storage levels of the cantilever racking system.

The braces are another part of the cantilever storage system that increases stability. They provide horizontal and diagonal support, ensuring that the items you place on the arms will have the support they need.


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