Cantilever Stop Pins

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Prevent pipes and other product from falling off cantilever arms and bases. Cantilever stop pins are quick to install and easily removable.

  • Increase safety
  • Drop-in installation
  • For 1.25″ diameter tube receptacles

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Cantilever Stop Pins attach to cantilever arms and cantilever bases to prevent products from falling off the rack.

This 1″ diameter round tube slides into a 1.25″ receptacle at the end of our cantilever rack arms and bases. The removable stopper extends approx. 10″ above the top of the cantilever arm or base.

A cantilever rack stop safety pin is particularly useful for items that have a tendency to slide, slip, or roll-off. Cantilever racks are great for storing round items. As a result, round items that a cantilever rack can store include pipes, round lumber (dowels), and round steel tubes. However, they are found, therefore, they have a propensity to roll off the rack. It is the reason why cantilever stop pins are very beneficial. They protect your products from rolling off your racks. You avoid liability claims and you keep your products from getting damaged.

These cantilever stop pins feature:

  • Drop-in installation
  • Easy removal for quick access when necessary
  • 1″ Diameter x 16 ga. round tube x 13″ height
  • 3.5″ length from stopper slides into a hollow cylindrical receptacle
  • Approx. 10″ length above the stopper

Increase safety for your people and reduce product damage with these pins. They may even be a good idea if you have inclined cantilever arms.

Other items to consider for your Cantilever Racks:

Want to increase the safety of you and your workers? You may also want to consider getting guard rails to make sure that errant forklifts cannot make contact with your racks. They also work well for defining walkways. Therefore, the walkways can be protected by the guard rails as well.

Bollard posts are also a good way to discourage forklifts from running into your cantilever racks. They include all the hardware you need to install them and anchor them. The bollards make use of a safety yellow color. They will are highly visible to people driving forklifts.


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