Column Guard

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Protect pallet rack frames with column guards.

  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Hardware included
  • 12″, 18″ and 24″ sizes available
  • Stack multiple for increased protection

Please be aware that some counties are now requiring you to have rack protection based on RMI’s (Rack Manufacturer Institute) recommendation in section 1.4.9. Be prepared for this change by getting your rack protection now.

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A Column Guard Protects Pallet Rack Frames

Forklifts have a tendency to damage pallet rack within warehouses. As a result, in a worst-case scenario, damaged racking can cause a complete racking system to collapse. A column guard can solve that problem by preventing the pallet rack from taking damage from the collision.

Pallet rack that has been damaged is no longer structurally sound and must be replaced. Consequently, this involves significant time, labor, and hard costs:

  • Downtime while replacing damaged pallet rack
  • Unloading product from damaged rack bay
  • Removing beams, wire decking, damaged frame, anchor bolts
  • Reinstall and anchor frame
  • Replace beams and wire decking
  • Load product on racking
  • Material and shipping cost for replacement frame and anchors

Column guards significantly reduce the likelihood of damage to pallet rack uprights. Most of the energy is absorbed by the guard, therefore, when an upright with a column guard is hit with a forklift. Damaged pallet rack column guards can be easily and inexpensively replaced. They are also stackable. As a result, you can stack column guards up the height of your pallet rack if you desire to do so.

Other safety products to consider:

You may want to use a RAMguard instead. A RAMguard is a proprietary mix of steel and rubber. It is also stackable. It may be a better solution than a column guard as it may withstand more than one hit, unlike a column guard which may be severely damaged after one hit.

You can also use a rack back guard wire mesh panel to help your products stay on rack shelf levels. You can find more information about that product by clicking the link.

You may wish to use a safety net, sliding safety net, or a safety strap instead of a wire mesh panel. Have a look at those products by clicking the links.



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