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  • High Density Storage
  • FIFO / LIFO Storage Method
  • Dual / Common Aisle Entry
  • High Accessibility
  • Versatility
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Every end-product is precisely tailored to your specifications. We begin by gathering detailed measurements of your product; including length, depth and weight. Based on that information, we can custom-design drive in racks to ensure a perfect fit for your needs, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient storage solution.

Drive-in Pallet Rack Storage System

Drive-in racking system allows forklifts to drive directly into the storage lanes to load and retrieve pallets. Forklifts enter the selective pallet rack structure to place or retrieve pallets, unlike other systems where forklifts operate only in aisles. Such a pallet storage solution operates on a Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) basis, ideal for items that do not require strict stock rotation.
Pallet Rack | How drive in rack works. Animation | Speedrack West

These systems can accommodate multiple pallets deep per lane (often 4-6 pallets deep or more) which makes them a high-density storage system.

Frequently used in cold storage applications (like freezers) where space has high cost because of temperature-controlled environments.

Drive-thru Pallet Rack System

Unlike drive-in racks that have only one entry/exit point, drive-thru racks are accessible from both ends. This allows for a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory racking solution – loading and unloading from both ends of the rack. The FIFO system is particularly advantageous for industries dealing with perishable goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Special Rack Safety Considerations for LIFO / FIFO Pallet Racking

As a regular pallet rack system, drive-in and drive-thru racks require some basic safety considerations for high density storage.

There are a few features to improve safety. Entry and exit guides to reduce the risk of collisions and improve overall operational speed and safety. Floor-mounted guide rails to guide the forklift’s path and prevent impacts with racking. Safety stops to prevent pallets from being pushed too far and falling off the racking system. Load capacity signage will show the maximum load capacities. Thus, it will remind operators of load limits.

Other than that, there are some common safety precautions for drive-in systems: operator training programs, regular inspections, constant monitoring of pallet conditions, etc.

Drive-in racking components

The major components are:

  • Vertical Uprights. Tall, vertical columns form the sides of the drive-in pallet rack system.
    Drive In Rack | Drive In Rack Vertical Uprights | Speedrack West
  • Horizontal Beams. Provide structural integrity and hold the load of the storage system.
    Drive In Rack | Drive In Rack Horizontal Beams | Speedrack West
  • Support Rails. Horizontal rails that run the depth of the racking system and support the pallets.
    Drive In Rack | Drive In Rack Support Rails | Speedrack West
  • Entry Guides. Guides are located at the base of the system to help position the forklift correctly.
    Drive In Rack | Drive In Entry Guides | Speedrack West
  • Bracing. Diagonal or horizontal braces that connect uprights to maintain rigidity and prevent warehouse collapse.
    Drive In Rack | Drive In Bracing | Speedrack West
  • Plates and Anchors. Plates and anchors at the base of the uprights to ensure stability and safety of high-density storage solution.
    Drive In Rack | Drive In Rack Anchors | Speedrack West

Optional components to increase the storage density are:

  • Backstops. Barriers are located at the rear of the rack lanes to prevent pallets from being pushed too far back by system design.
  • Roof Supports. Additional structural elements that can support a roof or additional covering.
  • Guide Rails.  Rails positioned at the base or along the sides of the lanes to help in precisely guiding the forklift within the racking lanes.
    Drive In Rack | Drive In Rack Backstops and Guide Rails | Speedrack West


Drive-in & Drive-thru Rack Applications

Drive-in & Drive-thru racks are well-designed to handle a high volume of uniform pallets and loads!

Food & Beverages: For storing large quantities of similar products, such as canned goods, bottled beverages, and packaged foods.
Manufacturing: For holding raw materials and components used in production & storing finished products awaiting shipment.
Automotive: For storing automotive parts, and other components in bulk.
Merchandise: For storing large quantities of retail goods such as furniture, appliances, and bulk packaged items.
Construction: For cement stacked plates, concrete stacked plates or blocks etc.

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