Electric Commercial Roll Up Doors

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  • 2 versions available
  • Capable of opening at a speed of 96″ per second
  • Self Repairing Track – The system tries to repair itself if knocked off track

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Available Options:



  • Composite side guides (Grey)
  • Side Guide cover (Composite)
  • Motor and Lateral cover (composite)
  • Blue door curtain
  • 27oz Standard curtain with stiffeners spaced ±30″
  • No vision panels in curtain
  • Composite 14″x 16″ Control box without Disconnect
  • Wireless reversing edge (WRE)
  • Photo Cells 24VDC PNP 12 inches from the floor (Safety)

HS 8010P:

  • Side guide covers (galvanized steel)
  • Color of the door curtain: blue (RAL 5002)
  • Bottom Bag color Yellow
  • No vision panels in curtain
  • Three-phase 460 vac main incoming power
  • ACS100 control box 22×13 Steel
  • UWDD Bottom Seal Housing
  • High-speed opening
HS 8010P FAQ’s:
commercial roll up doors
How fast does the door of the HS 8010P open?

Both models of commercial roll up doors feature a speed of up to 96″ inches per second.

Is the door flexible?

Yes. It features a design that allows it to be durable without rigid components. It also has a soft bottom edge that retracts if it comes in contact with something underneath it.

How does the HS8010P not leak air when closed?

It has a UHMW plastic slide. The slide guides the zipper piece. This minimizes the possible airflow when the door is closed.

What happens when the door takes a collision?

The flexible commercial roll up doors breaks away so that it takes minimal damage. It also automatically resets itself after the contact. The latter feature helps your workforce go back to work as soon as possible.

What are the dimensions of this product?

It features a maximum width of 216 inches or 5486 mm. The maximum height is the same. The minimum width is 36 inches and 915 mm. The minimum height is 84 inches and 2134 mm.

How much wind resistance does the product have?

It can withstand a static wind load of 95 mph. The static load pressure it can take is up to 23 psf.

What is the door panel made up out of?

It is a PVC fabric panel. Moreover, it is a blue color. The HS 8010P has a 27 oz/yd2 PVC curtain standard.

What safety system does it have?

It makes use of a photo-eye standard through beam. A photo-eye beam is a connection between two points. If the connection is broken the operation of the door stops. It is a safety feature for the door and the object or objects underneath the door.

Does it have a manual crank in case it breaks down?

It has a manual egress hand crank available.

What are the inner side guides made of?

It is made of polyethylene. Moreover, it is PE-UHMS 1000 polyethylene.

What about the side frames of the side guides?

They are made up of galvanized steel.

What is the control and drive system?

The system makes use of an ACS100 standard controller. It also has a variable frequency drive.

Any information about the motor?

It is a 2.0 horsepower motor. It uses 50/60Hz and has 3 phases.

Does it have a UL certification?

The official certification is NEMA 4.

RR400 FAQ’s:

Most of my other welded products have places where the paint is not on the product. Does this product have the same problem?

No. These commercial warehouse roll up doors are wear-resistant. Subsequently, they are also very smooth. Please keep in mind that we cannot account for manufacturing errors, however. Yet, the system is not supposed to have any gaps or crevices as far as its paint is concerned.

I’m worried this product will wear down on the bottom? What is it made of?

The bottom of this door is a PVC soft bottom edge. It is made to absorb a fair amount of punishment, within the confines of common sense, over time.

What safety system does this door use?

The commercial roll up doors makes use of both the reversing edge technology and the photo-eye system. The reversing rubber edge detects an obstruction with after contact with an item. It immediately reverses the door to minimize damage to products. The photo-eye system makes use of an infra-ed beam between two points. If the connection is broken then the motor is instructed to stop closing and reverses the door to minimize damage to your products or vehicles underneath the door.

What is wash down mode?

Your rolling drum will over-rotate. The rotation allows you to pressure wash the drum and the curtain. You also get a different cover. You can use that cover to make the cleaner easier.

Does this system also have an auto repair track system?

Yes. If your curtain happens to dislodge during use then the system will attempt to fix it the next time it runs. Subsequently, you can also easily repair any damaged wind stiffeners quickly and easily. However, it is not automatic.

What can you tell me about the control for this door?

It is an ACS100. In addition, it has an LCD screen that features a program and also diagnostic functions. Moreover, the RR400 also has a VFD. The VFD, or variable frequency drive, provides a way to make sure that the stop and start functions wear down the system at a minimal level.

What is the maximum size of this product?

It is 14 ft wide x 15 ft high as a maximum.

What is the official color designation of this product?

It is RAL 9006. It is a light gray color.

Are the side guides, bearing, motor brackets, rolling rod, and full composite drum cover made of a composite structure?

Yes. They feature a structure patented multi-composite structure.

What is the IP rating of the motor?

The IP rating is IP65. Remember that the six refers to the ability of the machine to resist dust and other particles. Finally, the 5 refers to the ability of the motor to resist water sprays.

What can you tell me about the motor?

It is a 3 phase motor. Moreover, it has 1 horsepower. The product also has variable speed capabilities. It also has a gearbox and it has DC braking.

Do you know how high the photocells of the photo-eye set?

They sit at a height of 16″.

Do the photocells have their own IP rating?

Yes. The IP rating of the photocells is IP67.

What can you tell me about the door curtain?

It is a 27 oz/yard2 PVC material. It also has PVC wind stiffeners every 30″ of the product.



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