Galvanized Roller Gravity Conveyor – Straight Sections

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Galvanized Roller Gravity Conveyors for medium duty applications.

  • Galvanized Rollers | 3″ Roller Centers
  • 15″, 21″, 27″, 33″ and 51″ Between Frame (BF) widths.
  • 5′ and 10′ lengths (call for custom sizes).
  • Optional conveyor supports available (NOTE: choose conveyor supports that match the BF widths of the conveyors you wish to order).

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Available Options:


Every conveyor system is custom-designed to meet your specific needs. We start by understanding your requirements, including the types of products to be handled, their dimensions, and your throughput goals. With this information, we tailor conveyor solutions that align perfectly with your operational demands, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient material handling solution. Contact us.

A Galvanized Roller Gravity Conveyor is a type of conveyor system that uses gravity as the primary force to move materials along its track.  A series of rollers mounted on a frame so that the rollers spin and move materials along the track.  The galvanized rollers protect against corrosion.

How does it operate?

The industrial roller conveyor operates by using free rolling steel rollers mounted in frames or tracks.  This allows them to move freely along the track.  Curves, gates, and other configurations can be used to create a customized solution.  The rollers are designed to move goods of varying sizes and weights along the track in a safe and efficient manner.

What are these used for?

Transport materials without the use of power sources such as electricity or motors.  It’s most often used in warehouses or assembly lines to move products and components.  This conveyor is also used in warehouses and distribution centers to move heavy or bulky items.

Need more than just a Galvanized Roller Gravity Conveyor?

There are many more conveyor systems that are available for any application you might have.  Check out our shop to see what other conveyors we have available to order online, or contact us so we can help create a custom solution for your business.

Also check out the manufacturer’s general product catalog for all the conveyor types and conveyor options that can be purchased through us.  Custom configurations and lengths are also available.

Detailed Specs:

ROLLERS: 1.9 ” x 16 ga. galv. steel tubing, model 196G, with smooth swaged ends.
FRAMES: Formed steel painted channel 3-1/2 ” x 1-1/2 ” x 10 ga. set high; 4-1/2 ” x 1-1/2 ” x 10 ga. set low.
FRAME CAPACITY: 250 lbs. per roller, or 1300 lbs. maximum distributed live load per 10′ section with supports at 10′ centers; 3200 lbs. at 5′ centers.
BEARINGS: Integral plain ball bearings, zinc plated, grease packed.
COUPLINGS: Butt type.
AXLES: 7/16 ” hex shaft, spring loaded.
OPTIONAL FRAME: 4 ” @ 5.4 lbs. struc. steel channel frame, rollers 3/16 ” high, may vary due to structural tolerances.


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