Pallet Rack Protectors and Conveyor Belt Guard Rails

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  • Protection from 10,000 lbs of load traveling at 5 pm for conveyor belt operations.
  • Excellent for divisions of sections in your warehouse if you do not have a conveyor belt.
  • Clearly delinates where forklifts should not travel with the “safety yellow” color.

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A guard rails are excellent as pallet rack protectors against forklifts and other vehicles. The safety rail will, also, protect you and your employees from stray products if you make use of a conveyor belt in your business. If you do not use a conveyor belt in your business then it can make a good rail to use when you need to make divisions in your warehouse for certain sections.

The guard rail can handle 10,000 pounds of load traveling at 5 miles an hour. Therefore, you are probably not going to throw something at it that it cannot handle. If you place it in an area where a conveyor belt or people work. The situation changes, slightly, if you make use of a forklift near these guard rails, however.

It can provide some protection for pallet racks or people from a stray forklift. However, it is best to avoid the situation if possible. Please remember that it is capable of handling 100 pounds of load at 5 miles an hour therefore you should not expect miracles from this product if you have an accident. What it will do is lessen the possibility of people being hurt by errant forklifts as long as they are traveling at lower speeds.


What are the different sizes available for these yellow safety rails?

You can get the safety rails in a wide variety of sizes. You can get them in three-foot, four-foot, five-foot, six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot, or nine-foot sizes. The respective inches of those sizes would be 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, and 108.

How much do these weigh in pounds?

The safety rails are sturdy and capable of delivering industrial-strength durability. Therefore, the weights vary based on how big the safety rail is of course. We can tell you that they range from 28 to 70 pounds respectively.

What is the maximum load capacity of these guard rails and at what speed is that applicable?

The load capacity of these guard rails is 10,000 pounds of load at 5 miles an hour.

What can you tell me about the columns for this particular item?

The columns are a 4 x 4 square tube. The columns make use of a high-strength steel.

Does this is guard rail also have a lift rail?

The lift-out rail is available and it allows you to get to your equipment quickly if you need to do so.

What happens if I do not see a length that I need?

If you do not see a length that you need on this page then it does not mean that it is not available. The best thing to do is give us a call at 503-640-5666 and ask us over the phone. Generally, we can accommodate most lengths as long as you ask us to do so.

The rails look a little weak to me in those pictures. What can you tell me about them? Are they actually weak?

The rails are actually made of an 11 GA high tensile steel. The steel has been formed into two secondary ribs. The two ribs are a 2 rib corrugated design. We mentioned above that the guardrail can withstand the force of 10,000 pounds traveling at 5 miles an hour. Therefore, the guard rails may look flimsy in the pictures to some people but they are very strong. They are strong despite the pictures not doing them justice.

How about the base plate? What are the dimensions of the base plate?

The base plate is made of thick steel. You can even get that base plate offset if you needed to be offset. The dimensions of the base plate are 10″ x 10″ x 5/8″.

Do I get all the hardware I need to be able to install these in my warehouse?

The answer is yes. You do get all the hardware you will need to install these in your warehouse. Keep in mind that this does not include the tools that may be necessary to install the items where you need them. You do get all the nuts and bolts you need to secure these items, however. In general, hardware does not include any of the tools that you will need for installation.

What specifically is that hardware that you are including?

You are getting anchors which happen to be 5 1/2 inch screw anchors. The hardware you will receive is A325 1/2″.

Do these come in any other colors other than the yellow color?

Unfortunately, they do not. However, it might be possible that we can custom paint them for you. If you need a custom paint job for your guard rails then you should give us a call at 503-640-5666.

Can you ship these through the regular mail?

There may be a few of these rails that might be able to be sent through regular mail such as UPS, however, there are restrictions that may preclude that from happening. If you are ordering other products then it might be easier to ship them all together. We also have to keep in mind that there are certain restrictions that shipping companies have for the packages they will accept. If you have other items or if the item is large then UPS or carriers like that one will have a hard time accepting it. If they do accept it then they might charge a lot for the shipment to your location of choice.


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