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Warehouse safety bollard posts provide professional-level protection for your business. They come in standard and heavy-duty versions. Protect whatever is worth protecting as long as you can use hardware to anchor them to the ground. Keep work vehicles away from people, equipment, offices, or whatever you choose. Click this link about bollards to learn more about the product.

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What is a bollard?

It is a pillar that provides protection from work vehicles. You could protect people, valuable pieces of equipment, doorways, racks, or whatever you choose.

Questions about the make up of the bollard posts:

What does schedule 40 mean?

The schedule refers to the thickness of the wall on the bollard’s pipe. The bigger the number the more thickness the pipe has there. It is important to note that your schedule number can be the same but different sized pipes will still have different thicknesses. For example, in this case, a 4″ schedule 40 bollard will have a thickness of .237 while a 6″ schedule 40 bollard will have a thickness of .280 according to the chart to the right or below this paragraph depending on what device you are using to browse this site.

Which pipes actually use the schedule 40 designation?

The heavy-duty bollard posts are the ones that have the schedule 40 thickness designation attached to them. The standard bollards do not make use of this designation.

What are the dimensions of this particular product?

The diameters is 6 inches. It is also 40 inches tall.

Where can I use this bollard?

You can use it in a parking lot, in your business’s driveway, or anywhere you can anchor them to the ground through the use of hardware.

Questions about the included hardware:

What kind of screw anchors does this use?

It uses 1/2 inch x 5-inch screw anchors.

Are they included?

Yes. The screw anchors are included with this product.

What color do these come in when ordered?

The stock versions of these bollards come in a very bright yellow. A lot of people would recognize this as a color similar to OSHA colors. It should help people recognize that there is an obstruction in their way and that they should not drive into them.

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