Industrial Hose Racks

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  • Each rack includes 3 sliding modules and an average combined load of 3500 lbs.
  • It can carry up to 400 hoses.
  • Each rack has pockets for operating with forklifts
  • The external dimensions are 6’10” x 3′ x 8’6”
  • Custom sizes are available. Contact us for your request.

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Hose Racks: mobile, portable, and customized

Your business is directly related to hydraulic hoses. Thus, one of the main issues will be storage.

How to store hoses properly?

There are several hose storage solutions:
Stacking. Even if authorized by the manufacturer, the stacking height must not exceed the specified stacking height limit. Irreversible deformation of the lower hose under pressure must be avoided. Besides that, this method grabs the entire storage area and reduces the life of the hose while exposed to environmental factors. To prevent this, use the following way.
Hose wooden boxes, separate cabinets, or storage bins. These solutions ensure proper hose organization and prevent clutter, contamination, excessive light exposure, and other factors that shorten hose life. This partially optimizes storage space but does not provide flexibility for your business. To select the appropriate hose from the boxes, workers often have to disassemble the upper levels. To add mobility, use the following solution.
Hose storage rack. Portable, mobile, and customized hydraulic hose storage racks are always the best idea for those aiming for efficiency. The racks allow your workers easy access to the specific hose they need while greatly reducing the risk of hoses being damaged. Here, you see one of our solutions. You can order it or create your own. We’re here if you can’t find this system anywhere in the United States and don’t want to incur huge shipping costs from overseas. We developed an idea that was not only custom for the hydraulic hoses but was also mobile, allowing for more flexibility in manufacturing, commercial, and storage spaces and was painted to prevent the threat of corrosion.

Advantages of hose storage racks

  1. Each rack includes 3 sliding modules and an average combined load of 3500 lbs.
  2. Each rack has pockets for operating with forklifts
  3. The external dimensions are 6’10” x 3′ x 8’6”
  4. Custom sizes available
  5. From the moment you contact us with your idea to the ready-to-go solution, it can take a few working days.
  6. You save time and money by working with our high-quality and efficient team.

Uncap your storage possibilities with Speedrack West: order an exclusive industrial hose storage rack.


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