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Stack Racks are great because they do not need to be installed and anchored to the ground. They are mobile and easy to move as your storage needs change. In addition, they do not need to be permitted in most cities/counties because they are not permanent and are not intended to be anchored. This makes stack racks an excellent storage solution for many applications.

How many posts do I need?

You need four posts per stack rack.

How many stack rack posts am I getting for the listed price?

The listed price includes 4 posts.

What are these posts for?

The posts you see here are for a pallet stack rack. They help keep your pallets/skids or products inside of the structure.

How do these install?

These drop-in/snap into place.

What are the available sizes of posts? I imagine that I’ll need a pretty tall version for my products.

24″, 30″, 36″, 48″, or 60″ are the available sizes of posts.


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