Electric Commercial Interior Industrial Roll-Up Doors

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  • A regular version or a version applicable for cold temperatures available
  • Open at a velocity of 80″ per second
  • Close at a rate of 24″ per second
  • Self Repairing Track – The system tries to repair itself if knocked off track
  • Installation is available. Call us for more information.

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Available Options:


Interior Industrial Roll-Up Doors Available:

Regular without Blowers:

  • ACS 100 Steel (NEMA 4)
  • 460V 3-Phase
  • Through Beam Photo Cells
  • Wireless Bottom Beam
  • 40oz Vinyl door blade
  • Full-width vision banner
  • Windribs (up to 65 IPS)
  • Motor Cable

Freeze Version:

  • MCC AIO Defrost
  • 460V 3-Phase
  • Light Curtain
  • Wireless Bottom Beam
  • Blue Therma Panel
  • Single Row Heat Tape
  • Unheated Blowers DW <=9 ft
  • Motor Cable

Chill Version:

  • ACS 100 Steel (NEMA 4)
  • 460V 3-Phase
  • Through Beam Photo Cells
  • Wireless Bottom Beam
  • Blue Therma Panel
  • Motor Cable
Is this flimsy against the wind?

No. The roll-up doors have very specific measurements that tell you about its resistance to wind. The static wind load is up to 50 mph. The static pressure load is 6 psf. Moreover, the operating wind load is 30 mph and the operating pressure load is 2.3 psf.

I’ve heard that this has applicable agency approval. Is that true?

Yes. The official number or reference is UL508A.

What does applicable agency approval mean?

It is considered the “Standard for Industrial Control Panels”.  Subsequently, the standard is set forth and maintained by Underwriter’s Laboratories.

What is Underwriter Laboratories?

It is a worldwide organization with roots that go back 120 years. They seek to test, verify, inspect, audit, educate, and certify. As a result, they set the standards by which applicable parts or products should follow.

Do you know how much noise this thing makes when it raises or lowers?

We were told that the noise of these interior industrial roll-up doors is at a level of < 70 dBA.

How loud is that exactly?

Purdue.edu says a vacuum cleaner also has < 70 dB. Therefore, the amount of noise the roll-up doors produce is comparable with that amount of sound.

What kind of safety features does this thing have?

It says that it makes use of a reversing edge type wireless electric contact edge or a photo safety type through-beam photoeye. The “photoeye” is, very generally, a laser that checks for an uninterrupted connection between the two points. Therefore, if an interruption occurs then the system sends a signal to stop the movement. Finally, the reversing edge stops and reverses movement if the edge comes in contact with a surface obstructing it from completing its current trajectory.

What does self-repairing mean?

The self-repair aspect means that the door attempts to repair itself if the track of the door gets knocked offline. As a result, it does this without needing tools or any extra work from your workforce.

What is the door curtain construction?

It is a 2-ply PVC fabric. Moreover, the fabric includes wind knobs.

What is the side frame construction?

It is a low profile anodized aluminum material.

What is the bottom beam made up of?

It is made up of aluminum material. The material is padded. Moreover, the color of the bottom bar is yellow. As a result, it is similar to the tones of the OSHA yellow color for high-visibility reasons.

Does it have a loop seal?

Yes. Subsequently, it is also colored yellow to coincide with the previous statement.

What about the top roll?

The top roll uses an extruded aluminum. It also contains steel axles. Both the roll cover and the motor cover use a 22 gauge steel. Moreover, they feature a black powder-coat. Finally, the specific color profile is RAL 9005.

What is RAL 9005?

It is a color designation similar to the designations of hex numbers.

How hot does this high-speed roll-up door get when it is in operation?

The standard operating temperature range standard is 40 °F – +110 °F (4 °C – +43 °C).

What is the NEMA rating?

The system maintains a rating of NEMA-4.

What is NEMA?

NEMA is National Electrical Manufacturers Association. As a result, they provide the standards used widely throughout North America for electrical enclosures.

What is the IP rating of the motor?

The official rating is IP-55.

What is an IP rating?

It refers to the electronic’s ability to resist exposure to dust, water, and other foreign bodies that could damage the systems. The first digit refers to the ability of the system to resist dust and other solid particles. Subsequently, the official rating is 5. The scale goes all the way up to 6 for comparison reasons. Moreover, the second digit refers to the ability of the system to resist sprays of water or submersion in some cases. In addition, the rating is 5. The system rates all the up to 9. However, full submersion protection starts around a rating of 7. The rating of 5 means that the system can withstand low-pressure sprays of water from any angle.

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