Line Shaft Conveyors

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  • Speeds range from 25 to 120 FPM
  • Floor supports: optional
  • Drive belt: 3/16” polyurethane belts; nominal 15 lbs. per roller drive
  • Driveshaft: 1” C1018 cold rolled steel shaft
  • Couplings: could be located in both, one, or no end.
  • Contact Us for custom sizing or additional options/features.

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Every conveyor system is custom-designed to meet your specific needs. We start by understanding your requirements, including the types of products to be handled, their dimensions, and your throughput goals. With this information, we tailor conveyor solutions that align perfectly with your operational demands, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient material handling solution. Contact us.

Line Shaft Conveyors

They are safe, consume less energy, and allow the creation of complex configurations at minimal cost. These are all Line Shaft Conveyors.

How does it work?

Line Shaft Conveyors are primarily used for package handling systems. Why? Because a line shaft-driven conveyor is a cost-effective and safe solution thanks to its driving design. They are activated by a metal shaft with a series of drive spools beneath the rollers. Thus, the top rollers are driven by tensioned urethane bands. This is a safe way to move items: if someone puts their hands on the conveyor rollers, the conveyor will simply stop. There’s no chance of you pinching a finger or hurting yourself on the roller.

Benefits you might get

  • You can connect additional sections to one drive with no additional motors. This gives you complex configurations with minimal expenditure on motors and controls.
  • Line shaft roller conveyor is suitable for light loads weighing up to 110 lbs, such as cardboard boxes, etc.
  • Various accessories, such as gates, are available to control product flow.
  • Some models have electrical controls, while others are optional. You have a choice.
  • Line-shaft conveyors typically operate at speeds of 60 feet per minute; depending on the model, it could range from 25 to 120 FPM.
  • Line-shaft conveyors have a modular design, so you can install them with the flexibility needed for the layout.
  • Each conveyor zone operates independently. When the product leaves the upstream zone, it is shut down, and the downstream zone is turned on.

Quote us today to discover which conveyor system will better support the growth of your business.

What are the features of line shaft conveyors?

Line Shaft Conveyor | Line Shaft driven Live Roller 796LS VS 738LS Light Duty Line Shaft Driven Live Roller | Speedrack West

  • Roach 796LS line shaft-driven conveyors and Model 738LS have gained widespread usage with their unique design. Curves, spurs, and a number of accessories may be driven by a SINGLE drive. Universal joints: 4 per 90°and 60° curve; 2 per 45° and 30° curve. 

Line Shaft Conveyor | 796LSC Line Shaft Driven Curve Module | Speedrack West


  • Roach line shaft driven curve, module 796LSC, features tapered rollers to help maintain product orientation and is designed to be driven from a 796LS line shaft driven conveyor, thus reducing the overall number of drives required.

Line Shaft Conveyor | 796LSS Line Shaft Converging Spur Module | Speedrack West


  • Line shaft converging spur modules, model 796LSS, allow the product to flow from spur lines and merge onto a straight-line shaft-driven conveyor.

Line Shaft Conveyor | 796LSDS Line Shaft Diverging Switch Module | Speedrack West

  • A line shaft diverging switch module (796LSDS) is used in diverging applications where a line shaft conveyor is suitable. The pivot section of rollers, pneumatically actuated, skews to divert packages onto the spur quickly and efficiently.

Line Shaft Conveyor | 796LSG Line Shaft Gate Module | Speedrack West

  • The Model 796LSG offers the ultimate versatility. It is driven by 796LS so, no drive is required, and it offers operator accessibility, eliminating dangerous walk-overs.

Line Shaft Conveyor | 796LSX Line Shaft Cross-over Module | Speedrack West

  • Roach cross-over module 796LSX was designed to offer a standard component to eliminate confusion over cross-overs. Available in 2’–10’ lengths. Roach model 796LSX is the only component required to cross over the drive shaft.

Line Shaft Conveyor | RBT3 3-Strand 90 Round Belt Transfer | Speedrack West

  • Model RBT3 provides an excellent method of transferring up to 100 products at 90° intervals. No drive is necessary when mounted on a Roach line shaft-driven conveyor. Each unit is mounted on an optional line shaft-driven conveyor. Belt speed: driven at 150% of speed as powered section transfer is mounted.

Yes, we know there is a wide range of choices. The good news is that we’re here and ready to offer your business the right model because we know all about them. Call us and be sure.


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