Mobile Industrial Sneeze Guard Germ Shield Barrier

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  • Dimensions: 6′ x 4′ x 3′
  • Rolls on Caster Wheels
  • Inner material made of plexiglass

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mobile sneeze guard germ shield barrier

What are the dimensions of this portable germ barrier?

The dimensions of this sneeze guard product, roughly, are as follows:


Height: 6 ft. Width: 3 ft. Length: 4 ft.

Who is this product for?

Anyone who needs a portable sneeze guard to deal with customers. It works well in businesses that have to move around to deal with customers. For example, if you are a drive-through waiter or waitress delivering food to a vehicle then this may be an excellent barrier of protection for you and your employees. It may also work well for auto repair businesses where you show your customers damage on their vehicle and/or possible repairs. If your business is similar to those situations in some way then this is a great product for your business.

How sturdy is this thing? What if my employees try to ride it while using it? I can’t control my employees’ habits 100% of the time.

We would not recommend it. The product is not meant for any human to ride on the wheels. We can not vouch for the efficacy of this product under such conditions. Any extra weight on this product could make it prone to falling. We would recommend telling your employees not to use it for this purpose.

How do I clean this thing?

You can use your favorite cleaning solution just as any other surface. Obviously, you will have to consider the window portion of this item. You will want to use something that will not leave streaks if you deal with customers. However, you can clean it just as you would clean any other surface around your workplace.

Why don’t I just get some of those regular sneeze guards instead?

Other sneeze guards only fit desks or other stationary places. If you have to get up and move from that one spot then you are subject to a lot more risk. You can lessen that impact by pulling this barrier with you where you go. A face mask, social distancing, and this portable sneezeguard shield barrier can help limit your exposure.

Can this thing take a bump?

The most honest answer is that it can take a reasonable bump. Of course, any mobile surface will have trouble if the bump or hole is big enough.

Bring a plastic storage bin with you to give yourself a place to put potentially hazardous pens, pencils, papers, and etc while you work with your clientele.


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