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  • Multiple are sizes available.
  • 24″, 36″, and 42″ inches.
  • OSHA safety yellow color

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What is the Trak Armor supposed to do?

The Trak Armor products are overhead door track guards. Moreover, they provide protection for your door track without interfering with the operation of the dock door. Forklifts, pallet jacks, and other vehicles will have a hard time damaging the dock doors if you have this product in place.

What are the sizes available?

You can get the overhead door track guards in a 24″ version, a 36″ version, or a 42″ version.

How much do they weigh?

The 24″ version weighs in at 60 lbs. The 36″ version weighs in at 84 lbs. Finally, the 42″ version weighs in at 92 lbs.

What color do these come in?

They come in an OSHA style yellow powder-coat finish.

Why the powder-coat? I know other products have it too and it is always mentioned like it is something I should want. I have never understood why. Can you tell me why this matters?

The powder coat gives some resistance to water and splashes. It also provides some measures against scratches. Therefore, you often find powder-coats on items that may find themselves near sources of water splashes.

Am I going to have to buy nuts and bolts to install this thing?

No. You are provided with all of the hardware you need to install this overhead door track protector. You will need tools to do so, however. As a result, you will, likely, need a drill in order to screw these pieces of hardware into your floor and wall. Obviously, it will need to be strong enough to do this for you.

How are these mounted?

They mount to the floor. They also have attachments to the wall nearest to the exit you will protect with this product.

I see cheaper versions of these door guards. Why would I get these?

The weight of the objects gives away a lot about the nature of the products. If you look at some of the most popular types of these guards then you will notice that similar sizes weigh a lot less. For example, there is a 36″ version that weights 32 lbs. The 36″ version on this site is 84 lbs. The 48″ version is 40 lbs elsewhere. The nearest product we carry is 42″ and weighs in at 92 lbs. Therefore, there is a difference in material. Subsequently, if you are trying to protect your door frame from damage then you want the most heavy-duty overhead door track protector available.


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