Pallet Rack Anchors

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  • Concrete anchors for Pallet Rack
  • Secures rack to concrete floor
  • Required for proper installation of warehouse rack

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These pallet rack anchor bolts are essential for all pallet racks except for those that will be mobile. If you are interested in making your racks mobile then you will want to use these racking wheels. Nevertheless, if you have racks in your business then you need anchors to secure your racks to the floor. They are essential to getting your rack permits as well. If you do not receive anchors with your pallet racks then you need these items in order to have a safe installation.

All pallet rack frames must be securely anchored to a concrete floor with concrete pallet rack anchor bolts such as these.

  • Required for correct installation and safety
  • Suitable for most pallet rack applications

Note: When obtaining pallet rack permits, your seismic engineer may specify the type of pallet rack anchors required for your application. If you have an engineer then it may be prudent to speak to them about what anchors you need to be in compliance with your local government’s rules.

Need help anchoring your pallet rack? We can definitely help you properly set up your racks. Contact us at 503-640-5666 to discuss our pallet rack installation service or for any other help.

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