Pallet Rack Beam

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  • Standard 1 5/8” step beam
  • Compatible with Teardrop and Interlake New Style frames
  • Powder coated for high durability finish
  • Connects to upright frames in a pallet rack system

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A pallet rack beam, sometimes called a cross beam, connects to pallet rack frames to form the shelf level of a pallet rack system.

These heavy-duty steel rails have a standard 1 5/8” step, which makes them compatible with wire decking, pallet supports or wood supports.

  • Tool-free assembly. Easy click-in installation.
  • Two beams are required per level. Beams are sold individually.
  • Manufactured to standards set by the Rack Manufacturers Institute.

Don’t see the size you need? We can fabricate any length beam. Call us for pricing.

Want used beams? Contact us at 503-640-5666 for availability and pricing.

Our Pallet Rack Beams Add Strength and Stability

The right pallet racking cross beams are a must-have item for your warehouse racking system. They provide support for the products you place on the pallet racking.

To keep your products safe from falling and breaking, you’ll want to make sure that your pallet racks have adequate support.  Make sure you build your pallet racks with beams that are sturdy enough to handle the job.

Calculating Necessary Beam Capacity

In order to know the size of the beam that you need, you’ll need to calculate the beam capacity required per beam level. Since you will always need two beams per level, you need to know that capacities are listed per pair, not for an individual beam.

Calculating the beam capacity that you need isn’t too difficult once you know the proper way to do it: First, determine the weight of the heaviest pallet that you have and multiply it by the number of pallet positions you want per beam level. This will provide your required beam capacity. The most common configurations have two pallet positions on 8ft, 9ft, or 10ft beams. Typically three pallet positions will fit on a 12ft beam level.

Beam Height / Face Size

Once you calculate your desired beam capacity, that number will be your guide for determining the height (or face size) of beam you purchase. The length, height, and gauge of steel all affect the capacity of the beam. The chart on this page is a helpful guide to the measurements and weight capacity of each size of pallet rack beam.

Keep in mind that beam capacities are based on uniformly distributed static loads. If you are in an area with seismic concerns (i.e. California, Oregon, Washington, etc.) give us a call for a seismic review of your rack configuration.

To be sure about the load capacity of your pallet rack system, contact us and ask one of our industrial shelving experts. We can help ensure that you select the correct beam size for your required capacity.

For durable, dependable pallet rack beams that are ideal for large capacities and high-density warehouse storage, choose Speedrack West!

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21 July 2016
Jenny Lock
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Perfect! Just what i was looking for!

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