Pallet Rack Capacity Labels

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Sticker labels for denoting the max capacity of a shelf level for pallet racking.

  • Easy Install
  • Highly Visible
  • Adhesive Backing
  • Available in 9 Capacities

Capacity labels adhere directly to pallet rack beams for quick reference.

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Use pallet rack weight capacity labels for quick reference of beam weight limits for pallet rack shelf levels.

These labels adhere directly to pallet rack beams for quick reference of weight limits for that shelving level.

Why use capacity labels?

Labeling the max weight capacity is a common sense best practice for any industrial storage facility.  It is imperative to have proper labeling on all pallet rack systems for the sake of occupational safety and health.

Building code requires the max capacity be shown for pallet rack shelf levels.  Rack capacity stickers are an economical way to achieve that and are considered an OSHA compliant solution.


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