Pallet Rack Load Capacity Labels

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Sticker labels for denoting the max capacity of a shelf level for pallet racking.

  • Easy Install
  • Highly Visible
  • Adhesive Backing
  • Available in 9 Capacities

Capacity labels adhere directly to pallet rack beams for quick reference.

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Pallet rack weight capacity labels for quick reference of beam weight limits. Do you have to use them in the warehouse? What shape can pallet rack capacity labels be? Where should they be placed? See below.

Should you display load capacity stickers on your racks?

The regulation says “Yes”. Building code requires the maximum capacity to be shown for pallet rack shelf levels. These norms are imposed in the North American building codes and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Thus, ANSI MH16.1-2023: Design, Testing, And Utilization Of Industrial Steel Storage Racks details the minimum requirements for the structural design, testing, and utilization of industrial steel storage racks. Besides, racking load capacity labels are an economical way to achieve awareness and are considered an OSHA-compliant solution.

What shape can warehouse racking weight capacity labels be? 

No limits, no harsh rules. You will find no strict information about the shapes of pallet racking labels in the rack design standards.

The Rack Manufacturers Institute’s specification also states, “Information on load plaques shall represent the permissible load capacity of the rack systems as designed. If rack systems are modified in a way that invalidates the plaque information, the load plaques shall be updated with new information.”

How many labels should be placed and where?

One or more warehouse rack labels that contain the following information: the maximum permissible unit load and/or the maximum uniformly distributed load per level; the average unit load, if applicable; the total average load per bay; and the maximum total load per bay.

These pallet rack weight capacity labels adhere directly to pallet rack beams to quickly reference weight limits for that shelving level. This is a simple way to inform the forklift operators to prevent overloading the racks.

Nowadays, labeling the maximum weight/load capacity is a common sense best practice for any industrial storage facility. It is imperative to have proper labeling on all pallet rack systems for the sake of occupational safety and health.


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