Pallet Rack System

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Build your pallet rack system step by step:

  • Teardrop Style Upright Frames in 8′, 10′, 12′, and 16′ heights
  • Standard Step Beams with 96″, 108″, 120″ and 144″ lengths
  • Wire mesh decking to fit your system
  • Optional safety products
  • Get a layout with dimensions

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Select your frame height and depth:

What frame height and depth should I use?

Height: Select a frame height approximately 4 feet shorter than your ceiling height.

Depth: 42" is the most common depth for standard 48 x 40 pallets.


Select the Beam Length and Height

What beam length and height should I use?

8ft Beams are the most popular size, and fit 2 standard size pallets. 12ft beams are also popular because they fit 3 pallets. Increasing the height of the beam increases the capacity.

Height (Capacity):
Number of beam levels *:
- +

We Recommend wire decks for every pallet rack system.

Why use wire decks?

Wire decks are a highly recommended safety item that prevents items from falling through the racks. They also let you store smaller pallets and boxes.

Recommended Safety Items

Please select the quantity of starters and the number of addons:

What is the difference between addons and starter bay?

A starter bay is used to start a row and includes two frames. Add-on bays have only one frame, and connect to an adjacent frame.

Starter Bay (as configured) - $0
- +
Add-on bay (as configured) - $0
- +
Total: $136.29

Subtotal: $136.29


Design your pallet rack system step by step.

Popular “Teardrop” style frames with standard 1 5/8″ Step Beams.


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