Beam Safety Drop Pin

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  • Increase safety
  • Secures and locks beams in place
  • Drop-in installation

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If you have a pallet rack with a beam then you will want safety pallet rack drop pins. Drop pins reduce the risk of beams becoming accidentally disconnected. If a forklift operator lifts a pallet too high, the pallet (or forks) can push the beam up and cause it to disconnect from the frame. This can result in pallets falling from very high up.

Drop Pins secure the beam in place and prevent it from disconnecting accidentally.

Pallet rack drop pins are installed in the side of the beam endplate and connect through the punch on the side of the frame.

Other safety items to consider:

You may want a safety clip in addition to your J-pin for pallet racks. They can work together to give you twice the protection against pallet levels full of products or pallets falling on you or your employees.

Column guards and/or RAMguards are also immensely helpful for protection. If a forklift is mishandled then it can, potentially, protect the rack from taking damage. The products does this by absorbing the contact for the pallet rack. As a result, it leaves the pallet rack structurally. Please know that you should, still, check the rack after the contact for safety reasons.


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