Pallet Rack Guard – Protection from Forklifts

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  • Designed to protect pallet rack row ends.
  • Made up of 1/4″ heavy duty steel.
  • Includes the needed hardware for installation.
  • Painted in a OSHA yellow power coat finish.

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A pallet rack guard protects your pallet rack ends from sustaining damage from errant forklifts, pallet jacks, and other vehicles. If you want a safer workplace then you need these pallet rack guards in your business as soon as possible.


What does this product do?

A pallet racking column guard, like this one, protects the end of your pallet racks. The guard asborbs the force from accidental contact with a forklift, pallet jack, or other devices or smaller vehicles.

What is this guard made of?

The guard uses heavy duty steel. The steel is 1/4″.

Do I get all the hardware and tools I need to install this on my rack?

You do get all the hardware.  You will not receive the necessary tools to install this product.

What are the hardware dimensions, specifically?

You get 3/8″ x 4″ screw anchors.

What does that powder coat do other than make the guard a safety yellow color?

Powder coats provide a measure of protection against corrosion. They also provide some protection against things like scratches.

What other things should I consider to protect my pallet rack?

A column guard or a RAMguard is a good thing to have in your possesion. You may also want protection for the back of your pallet racks by using a back guard.



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