Pallet Rack Safety Strap

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  • 2400 lb of burst strength. Click the link to learn more about what that means.
  • Different strap lengths that accomodate between 96-156 length pallet racks.
  • Teardrop pallet rack compatible.

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What does burst strength mean for a pallet rack safety strap?

Burst strength is a safety feature that allows the straps to give way if they are pushed too hard. Why would this be done? It is because of the idea of a limiting factor. Your limiting factor can be the strength of your upright or your safety strap. The reason you do not want this to be your safety strap is that if the limiting factor is your pallet rack then it will eventually breakdown.

Pallet Rack Safety Strap and Their Use as a Backstop:

A lot of businesses use forklifts and some businesses have been known to use their safety straps as a backstop of sorts. However, this puts a lot of stress on your pallet rack uprights. If it continues over time then they will eventually give out and then you will not be losing a few products but a whole rack worth of products. If the strap breaks before the pallet rack does then the only thing you will lose is some products. You will not lose all of your products. on that pallet rack. Your pallet rack stays in good condition and your losses are mitigated.

How easy are these to attach?

If you have a teardrop based pallet rack then you slip them into place in the holes and you are good to go. It is a very easy installation that should only take a few minutes to install on your pallet rack.

Material Make Up of a Safety Strap

If these products are so strong then what is the material that makes them that strong?

2″ polyester and elastic makes up the product.

Is this a cargo webbing?

Yes. The cargo webbing, also, features elastic and 2 inches of polyester.

What is the function of these safety straps?

The rack safety straps attach to the back of the rack. They help keep pallets or your products from falling off your rack levels. The straps also make sure that your flue space stays maintained for fire safety reasons. They also make sure that products do not fall into a work area. Products in aisles could become tripping hazardous. Products falling the heights of your pallet rack levels are also dangerous.

Can I get any of these and have them work? What if I buy a longer one if I think I am going to get a bigger pallet rack in the future? Can I just use the longer one in my smaller rack for now?

Unfortunately, no. The safety straps below work specifically with the lengths listed. We do not recommend mix and matching straps for differing sizes of pallet racks.

It is important that I measure my racks then?

Correct. You should have accurate measurements so that you get the correct strap length for your pallet rack.

I should get the strap that says the specific length of my rack then? I have a 96-inch pallet rack so I need the 96″ safety strap?

Correct. Getting the right size is important for making sure the product will work properly for your rack.

Do you have the sliding version of these safety straps with the net?

We do have the sliding version of these safety straps with the net. Click the link to have a look at the product.


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