Pallet Rack Safety Net Aisle and Walkway Guard

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  • Made of elastic and 2″ polyester
  • Straps of the safety net feature a 2400 burst strength
  • The cargo webbing has a break strength of 10,000 lbs.
  • The seatbelt webbing has a break strength of 6,000 lbs.

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The pallet rack safety net keeps your flue spaces clear and helps you stay in code with fire suppression requirements. It also helps you keep your products on the rack levels where they should be instead of falling on you or your employees. They are strong and durable.


Are these the ones that slide or are they the ones that do not slide?

These are the ones that do not slide. We do have sliding pallet rack safety nets here.

What are these nets made of?

Elastic and 2″ polyester are the materials used for this product.

You mentioned that there is straps and there is the net. What is the net made of?

The cargo webbing is made up of the 2″ polyester.

It seems pretty obvious but I just want to make sure. What does break strength actually mean?

Break stength refers to the compressive load that needed to cause the unit to fail. Therefore, the amount of weight needed to cause the cargo net to fail should be 10,000 lbs.

What is this net supposed to do?

Pallet rack safety netting keeps pallets, products, or skids from falling off or getting into your flue space. A flue spaces are important for fire safety reasons and must remain free of products in order for you to be incompliance. You can make this much easier. A safety net makes sure that your products or pallets stay held in place.

A Pallet Rack Safety Net as a Back Stop:

Couldn’t I use this thing to tell me how far I push my product on my pallet rack? It seems like a great idea.

A lot of businesses do this but they should not do this at all. The burst strength feature protects you from damaging your pallet rack. If you do use it for that reason, and there if there was no such thing as a burst strength, then the pressure would have to be absorbed by your pallet rack. A pallet rack that has to take this type of abuse repeatedly will fail eventually. Therefore, the burst strength limit allows the net or strap to break before that happens. It helps you save your products because you only will lose a some instead of all of it. You would lose all of it because the rack could fail and then all that product on that pallet rack would get damaged. A situation you want to avoid.

Is this easy to install?

Actually, yes. The system fits teardrop pallet racks.  The hook like attachment fits into the teardrop holes. It only takes a few minutes to set this up on your pallet rack.

Pallet Rack Safety Net Strength:

Alright, you mentioned the other parts of this system but what about that seat belt webbing? How strong is that?

The seatbelt webbing makes use of a strong 2″ polyester. It features a 6,000 lbs break strength.

I know my rack only has a certain amount of weight it can hold, and, with that in mind, could you tell me how much weight each of these different types of pallet rack safety nets has?

Sure. The 96 inch version weighs 3.95 lbs. The version that fits a 108 inch pallet rack weighs 4.30 lbs. The 120 inch version of the product weighs in at 4.80 lbs. The safety nets that fit 144 and the 156 inch respectively have weights of 5.50 and 5.70.

How strong is the cargo webbing?

The cargo webbing has a break strength of 10,000 lbs.

What is the burst strength of these safety nets?

The burst strength of these rack safety nets is 2400 lbs. Keep in mind this is for the straps that make up the structure of the net.


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