Pallet Rack Back Guard Wire Mesh Panel

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  • The back guard panels are stackable
  • Can extend over the top of your rack with a kit (not included. Contact us at 503-640-5666 to get the kit.)
  • Angled for installation purposes and to help reduce the possiblity of falling products

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The pallet rack back guard system makes use of an angle. The angle is meant to give the products on the your rack levels protection from falling. They also make sure that the products cannot fall into walkways.

Walkways and the top of the rack:

Clear walkways means that you and your employees are protected from tripping hazards. You are also protected against the dangers of falling products from, potentially, high places. They are sturdy and they can stack on top of each other to reach the top of your rack. They can even go above your rack, if necessary, with a kit that allows that kind of action. Please note that the kit is an extra piece and you will have to contact us to get it for your rack. You can contact us by calling us at 503-640-5666. The pallet rack wire mesh back panels you see here will increase how safe you and your workers will feel around your pallet racks.

Pallet Rack Back Guard FAQ’s:

How soon does this thing ship?

They usually leave the warehouse within 48 hours of a received order.

Can you tell me what material was used to make this product?
It is a 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ gauge steel frame welded with a 2″ x 2″ x 10 gauge steel wire mesh.

What can you tell me about the panels?
The panels have predrilled mounting holes with six inch centers.

Are they flush mount or offset brackets?
It is one or the other. You can make your selection of flush mount brackets or offset brackets (1 5/8″ to 3 1/4″ Offset Clips or 4 3/8″ to 6″ Offset Clips).

Why would I want an offset bracket?
An offset bracket allows for pallets that will overhang your beams.

How many attachment points do I get on my panels?

Each of the panels has seven attachment points. They are located on the ends of each panel.

Can I get custom panels?

It is possible, however, you will have to call us at 503-640-5666 to talk about your specific needs.

My product goes over the top of my rack. I need to protect the top of my rack. How do I do that with this product?

You can have panels that extend above the rack. There is a kit. The kit handles products that sit above your rack. Call us at 503-640-5666 to get the kit. We can help you procure it for your future, or current, if you already own it, back guard solution.

Pallet Rack Back Guard dimensions:

What can you tell me about the assembly hardware?

The hardware is a standard 3/8″ assembly.

Is this difficult to install? It seems like it would be especially if you can’t access the hardware from certain areas of the product.

The system makes use of an angled frame. The angled frame helps the person, or people, installing the back guard to have a clear way to install the system. It helps to make the installation much faster as well.

How big are the panels, anyway?

A standard sized panel can range from 4′ or 5′. They are equal to the beam length in width to give you complete coverage.

Why is it strong? Doesn’t this use a wire mesh?

The wire mesh has flat steel stiffeners deployed behind the mesh in order to provide some extra rigidity. These pallet rack back guard panels are heavy-duty solutions that will protect your rack from losing product on accident.

Pallet Rack Back Guard Attachments and More:

How do the back panels attach to the pallet rack?

They attach to the rack through the mounting brackets.

Do I need to start this product at the bottom of my rack?

The manufacturer told us that you can start this product on the floor but you do not have to do so. You can start the protection at any level where you deem is appropriate.

Do I have to use this on a rack?

No. You can mount the back guard solution to your support posts if you wish to do that instead.

So these panels stack on top of each other?

Correct. You can stack them to the desired height of protection. You must keep in mind that going above the rack takes a kit and you will have to contact us to get that kit for your solution. Give us a call at 503-640-5666 and we can help you get the kit.


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