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  • The models can be a straight, curved
  • Models have a 30°, 45°, 60° or 90° curves
  • Some models have poly-V ribbed belts
  • There are models designed for heavy-duty and flexible application
  • Contact Us for custom sizing or additional options/features.

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Every conveyor system is custom-designed to meet your specific needs. We start by understanding your requirements, including the types of products to be handled, their dimensions, and your throughput goals. With this information, we tailor conveyor solutions that align perfectly with your operational demands, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient material handling solution. Contact us.

Powered Roller Conveyor Systems

The powered roller conveyor systems use motorized rollers. They drive the conveyors, eliminating the need for drive belts, chains, or line shafts. That is why the powered roller accumulator conveyor has revolutionized the automated conveyor industry. 

What are the advantages?

  • The powered roller conveyor has almost silent operations
  • The powered roller conveyor system is safe with a new, reliable, and rugged motor system
  • Driven by 24V DC powered roller
  • Its hour-bearing life is over 300,000
  • Constant speeds available: 20-150 FPM (optional speeds are dependent upon product weight)
  • This system has a direct drive brushless motor and has high torque at low speed
  • The flexible powered roller conveyor is simple to service and cost-effective.

Available models

Powered roller accumulating conveyor exists in some models:

Powered Roller Conveyor | 796PRAC w/ Photoeye Controlled Powered Roller Accumulatior Curve | Speedrack West The powered roller accumulating curve conveyor, Model 796PRAC, has a capacity of 15 lbs. per roller or up to 70 lbs. per zone and a speed of 6 FPM. Accumulation: zone singulation operation; 24” zone length; zones are actuated using a photo-eye.

Powered Roller Conveyor | 796MDZ Motor Driven Zone Accumulator | Speedrack West

Motor-driven zone accumulator curve, Model 796MDZ, is available with a capacity of 45 lbs. per zone, and a speed of 35-120 FPM constant. Depending on roller centers 24” and 30” long zones are available.

Powered Roller Conveyor | 796PRA vs 796PRAC Powered Zero Pressure Accumulating Conveyor | Speedrack West

A powered roller zero pressure accumulating conveyor with rollers set low, Model 796PRA and 796PRAC. The first has a 24” zone length; zones are actuated using a photo-eye. Its capacity is 15 lbs. per roller or up to 70 lbs. per zone. Model 796PRAC is a photo-eye controlled powered roller accumulator with curves 30°, 45°, 60° or 90° modules. Photo eyes mounted below the t-read rollers. Depending on roller centers, 18” and 30” long zones are available. This model has a constant speed of 34-260 FPM

Powered Roller Conveyor | 796PRA-2PV & 796PRA-3PV Poly-V Photoeye Controlled Rollers Set High Powered Roller Zero Pressure Accumulator | Speedrack West

Poly-V powered roller zero pressure accumulating conveyor with rollers set low, Models 796PRA-2PV & 796PRA-3PV is well-known thanks to the poly-V belt. Poly-V ribbed belts are the heavy duty options. Heavy duty powered roller conveyor with the Poly-V belt features lengthwise grooves providing a drive-by adhesion, and optimizes the contact area, giving increased power transfer. Its capacity is 2 Rib Poly-V Belt 110 lbs. per zone at 60 FPM (maximum capacity) 3 Rib Poly-V Belt 350 lbs. per zone at 53 FPM (maximum capacity). Accumulation 36” zone length. If you need a  36” zone length use models 596PRA-2PV & 596PRA-3PV Poly-V.

When fixed is not applicable and gravity is impractical, you can use a Power Flex. All Roach Power Flex conveyors are designed with end-line sensors to prevent damage to packages by end stops. You get control of sorting, packaging, quality checks, and load balancing through each accumulation zone.

You can use a Power Flex when fixed is not applicable and gravity is impractical. All Roach Power Flex conveyors are designed with end-line sensors to prevent package damage by end stops. Through each accumulation zone, you can control sorting, packaging, quality checks, and load balancing.

This is the most durable, flexible solution available for any industry application including parcel, e-commerce and retail, airports, warehouse and distribution centers, packaging, and more. Its technical specifications: 50lb/FT capacity, 30″ conveying surface, link multiple units, stop sensor, and accumulation optional.

These are not all the models we provide. There are different modifications, additional options, and many other data that you should take into consideration. SpeedRack West will save you time and choose the best solution to meet your requirements. Just give us a call.


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