RAMGuard Column Protection

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Column Protection for Pallet Rack Uprights

Please be aware that some counties are now requiring you to have rack protection based on RMI’s (Rack Manufacturer Institute) recommendation in section 1.4.9. Be prepared for this change by getting your rack protection now.

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The RAMGuard is a pallet rack column guard that provides superior protection compared to traditional column guards. Its design uses a patented Rubber Armored Metal. The rubber-armored metal is molded out of an energy-absorbing rubber. It is combined with a steel U-shape insert and force distributing rubber voids. The RAMGuard pallet rack column protector is able to absorb significantly more energy than traditional column guards when impacted.

Advantages of the RAMguard Solution:

  • Prevents impacts to the pallet rack uprights from the front, side, and anywhere in between.
  • Minimizes damage to pallet rack columns resulting from collisions.
  • Guard stays secured to column without need for hardware or straps.
  • Can sustain countless impacts without any loss of performance.
  • Offers more protection and durability than commonly found plastic guards.

You have a very wide selection of protection products designed to protect your pallet racks from sustaining damage. It could be accidentals stemming from the misuse of forklifts or other vehicle types. Apart from reinforced columns, bumpers, and barriers built into the pallet racks themselves, hence, aftermarket attachable guards are the next best option.

Each of these products serves a purpose and has value in certain situations, but none of the column guards on the market today are as versatile as the RAMGuard. After nearly two years of planning, development, and prototype designs, the new patented RAMGuard delivers the greatest impact resistance available in aftermarket column guards.

Design of the Column Protection Product:

The design of the RAMGuard took nearly two years. Finally, a chemically unique rubber compound finally met the standard set for durability, density, and impact absorption after many trials and tests. Most noteworthy, the chart below breaks down the energy-absorbing ability of several different materials. Therefore, these are materials that are frequently used to make guards. Elastomers, as you can see, offer much greater impact absorbing ability than the alternatives. Furthermore, this is why elastomers make up the initial protective barrier on the RAMGuard.

After the rubber compound was selected, next on the list was finding a steel insert that would maximize impact protection from all sides. The company added rubber voids that assist in the energy distribution from impacts. Most importantly, the patented U-shaped steel plate still assists in the distribution of the impact as well. 




Size 12″ high

5.5″ wide

Weight 9 lbs
Fits Columns 3″ wide and up to 3″ deep
Testing Test Setup to meet European FEM 10.2.02 Standard
Fits all 3″ wide face column


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