RapidWire Wire Mesh Partition Cage – Multiple Sizes

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  • 4-sided RapidWire partition cages.
  • Each unit is 8′ 5-1/4″ tall (101.25″ height).
  • Includes a hinged door on each unit.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Protects sensitive, expensive, or hazardous inventory & tools.
  • Contact us for custom sizing options.

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Available Options:


RapidWire™ Welded Wire Partition Cage Rooms for equipment cages, storage, tool cribs, and hazardous equipment.

RapidWire welded partition cage rooms make sure that your valuable or sensitive tools, equipment, or inventory stays safe. It includes 4-panels and a hinge based door.

The product is made of steel wire. It has a wet enamel gray finish that sometimes looks black in some pictures. The cages are very durable. It will keep serving your business for years to come. You only need to make sure it is properly installed in your warehouse, factory, or plant. It includes a hinged door. You can open and close the entry to your products, inventory, or equipment as you need to do so.


A wire mesh partition cage helps you control who can access sensitive and important equipment. It can also protect inventory, documents, or whatever else you need to protect. The cage has four sides. The hinged door is the only access to the materials. People cannot burrow through a wall to find a way into your products or documents if they were so inclined. If they try to saw through the cage then it will buy you valuable minutes. You can use those minutes to contact the authorities. If it is a minor incident then you can send an employee to talk to the offender.

Insurance claims:

It also protects you from insurance claims because you are protecting your dangerous or hazardous equipment or inventory. Most people will not be able to access them without trying very hard which gives you some measure of protection from liability. Laws change from place to place but having equipment or materials in a cage goes a long way in showing that you are trying to be responsible for things that may injure your workers or random people who are in your factory, warehouse, or plant.

Multiple Buildings and Access:

If you have multiple buildings then keeping track of your inventory and where equipment, tools, or valuable stock goes is much harder. If you have a wire mesh partition cage then you can place those products in the cage. You can control who has access to those cages and you can even do things like place webcams or security cams around so that you can see who got what inside of that cage.


You can control access your visitors have to your valuable inventory or equipment by placing it in the cages as well. If you have sensitive documents then you can place them in the cages. Customers or visitors are a main source of concern for a lot of business owners. Making sure that there is a barrier between your valuable inventory or equipment and random people is a good way to calm that anxiety. The cage will not allow them to have access to the equipment. You will have to worry about liability claims far less than those companies that do not have wire partition cages.



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