Row Spacer


Evenly space pallet rack with Row Spacers

  • Bolt to punched sides of pallet rack frames
  • Hardware included
  • 8″, 12″, 24″, 30″, 36″ lengths available
  • 14ga steel
SKU Length Color PriceQuantity
IRS-08-GRNI8Green $5.71
IRS-12-GALVI 12Galvanized $6.50
IRS-24-GALVI 24Galvanized $10.71
IRS-30-GALV 30Galvanized $11.43
IRS-36-GALV 36Galvanized $12.86

Row Spacers evenly space pallet rack frames.

Why do you need Row Spacers?

  • Keep pallet rack rows aligned and even
  • Maintain longitudinal flue spaces required by code
  • Effectively double upright depth
  • Improve ANSI/RMI recommended height-to-depth ratios

Tip: Be sure to account for pallet overhang. If your city code requires a 6″ flue space, but your pallets overhang the beams by a few inches, you’ll need a row spacer longer than 6″.

How many Row Spacers do I need?

If you’re permitting or getting seismic calculations on your project, then the number of row spacers will likely be specified. In absence of specific guidance for your situation, we generally recommend 2 row spacers for each frame up to 16′ high. For pallet rack frames above 16′, you’ll want to use at least 3 row spacers.

How to Install Row Spacers

Row Spacers bolt to the side of the pallet rack upright. Place the bottom row spacer just above the bottom horizontal strut. The top row spacer should be installed just below the top horizontal strut.


8, 12, 24, 30, 36


Galvanized, Green




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