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The industrial storage shelving kit you see on this page is a medium-duty shelving kit. The shelving units often called “bulk rack” or “boltless rivet shelving”, are perfect for the storage of boxes and bins. The boltless design means all you need is a rubber mallet for easy assembly.

  • 4’W x 2’D x 8’H
  • 5 Shelves
  • Wire decking top (particle board also available)
  • 350 lb capacity per shelf

We have many sizes available, ranging from 12″ to 96″ wide/deep and 5′ to 10′ tall. Contact us at 503-640-5666 for the right configuration for your needs.

Do you still have more questions? We answer some of the most common questions below.

FAQ’s about the shelving kit:

How do these compare to those chrome looking rounded shelving mobile units?

They feel far more sturdy than their chrome counterparts. There have been times when those, in this writer’s experiences at culinary school, that the racks felt wobbly after repeated use for years and years. Keep in mind, to be fair, this unit also crossed areas of downtown Portland on the sidewalk. However, there were multiples of these types of units and they all felt the same. A quick search of reviews about those types of shelves, or at least, similar types of shelves, also shows that some of the generic brands being sold by big retailers have trouble coming together when it should be easy. A few of the reviews mention that some of the plastic pieces do not fit or came right off. Granted some people are having trouble following the directions but it was enough to warrant, looking at the videos and the complaints, at least to mention it. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference but, in this writer’s experience, shaking the chrome shelves and shaking this shelf feel different. One felt wobbly and the other did not feel wobbly at all.

fingers trying to get in the shelving kit

The Teardrop Holes and Sharpness

Are those little upside-down tear dropped holes sharp?

They are not sharp, or at least, the unit we have is not sharp. It would be irresponsible to say, outright, that they are not sharp when there could be a production error. We can say that they are not meant to be sharp. If you get one that is sharp then you should talk to us and see what we can do. Would it be possible to cut yourself on them? The answer is only if you put a lot of pressure on your fingertips and really dug into the holes. They will not cut you.  Exerting a lot of force through movement or pressure will cause the holes to cut you if your finger is stuck in them at the time. If that happens then it can possibly cut you. The holes, on the demo unit we have, are not sharp at all but you could, in theory, find a way to cut yourself if you had enough weight on the rack and really pulled as hard as you could on the hole. It is still only a possibility. It is not guaranteed to happen. There is a caveat, however. If there was some sort of production error when your unit was produced then it is possible.

showing a finger trying to get in the shelving kit

The Shelving Kit and Fingers Getting Stuck

What if I got my finger stuck in one of those little holes?

Fingers can find themselves stuck and subject to injury. An even more dangerous situation occurs when the cart tries to roll away at a high speed. However, you might have a hard time actually getting a finger in there unless you have very small fingers/hands and/or you are a child. It goes without saying that kids should stay away from this rolling shelf, especially if they are very young. They will, likely not have enough strength to control a shelf like this if it started to roll and the scenario we talked about above would become a possibility. If you are an adult and you have decently sized hands then you probably will not have a problem. The hand in the pictures is not big and the fingers, generally, do not fit in the holes, the only finger that could is the pinky finger. If you have small fingers or fingers that do fit then you will have to be cautious using this shelving unit.

Do the sides of the metal rack fit snuggly or is there some room?

There is a little bit of room or play on the shelf. However, because of the design of the shelf, they are not going to come out. The sides of the shelving unit stop the rack from coming out of the shelf. Of course, because there is some play, then you should be aware there is some room for possible pinching. If you are moving a lot of weight then you probably want to steer clear of moving the unit around the corners where the inner shelf meets the sides.

The Shelving kit’s Degrees of Circular Movement

Those wheels are capable of rolling in all directions, right?

Yes. The unit we have can roll front, back, or side to side or variations of those movements as you see fit. You could spin the cart all the way around if you so desired.

The rack that holds the items on the shelf… Can that handle small items?

It depends on the definition of a small item. If it is smaller than a cell phone then it should probably be in a box or some kind of container. In fact, you could lay your cell phone on this shelving unit but we would not recommend it because of bumps and lack of a lip to stop it from falling if it got close enough to the edge. Many small items lack the weight to stay on a shelf and are prone to sliding. It would be better to be safe than sorry. Anything smaller than your cellphone’s length and width could fall through the rack’s gaps. It might be a gross oversimplification but a general idea is better than none. Note, the last two photo shows the end row of the wire gaps. We found that the iPhone SE could be twisted to fall through any row that was not that final row. You can reasonably assume that anything the size of or smaller than an iPhone SE could find a way of falling in-between the gaps.


21 July 2016
Jenny Lock
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Perfect! Just what i was looking for!

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