Skate Wheels

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Replacement of skate wheels for skatewheel conveyor systems.

  • Zinc-plated steel
  • Lubricated for life
  • Load rating: 50 pounds

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Skate Wheels

There is a wide range of specifications for the conveyor wheels. For instance, you can filter them by manufacturers, types, load capacity, diameter, hub materials, tread with, bore diameter, operational temperature, and applications.

Why should you know more about the conveyor wheels? Because an uneven load can cause wear on the wheel and, as a result, even cause the roller to jam. The lower the coefficient of friction of a conveyor wheel, the less likely it is to deform, and there is no need for frequent replacement of damaged wheels. So, the wheel material is significant.
There are some materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, stainless steel, and just steel. Their steel wheels are stronger than the aluminum wheels. Aluminum wheels are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel wheels have more corrosion resistance than steel wheels and greater strength than aluminum wheels. Polycarbonate wheels have high capacity and good impact resistance. Fiberglass wheels are stronger than nylon and can withstand harsh environments and wash-downs.

Skate wheels specifications

Skate wheel rollers are used in different types of conveyor systems.
Typically, they can withstand thousands of revolutions under full load. The material of skate conveyor wheels is zinc-plated steel, and the protection is a labyrinth shield, which means they do not require extra lubrication throughout their entire service life.
Replacement skate wheels should be replaced to keep the equipment operational. Gravity conveyor wheels are best suited for light-duty applications. The key criteria are that the load bottom surface is flat, rigid, and smooth (such as cartons, totes, and cases). Soft-bottom packages are not recommended since wheels may indent soft-bottom containers, thus curtailing product movement.
Also, consideration must be given to the construction of the bottom surface of the product container. A wooden crate, for example, may hang on individual wheels and not start from its stopped position. It is important to note that the wheel conveyor should have a minimum of 5 wheels under the smallest box size and a minimum of 3 axles under it at all times.

So, if you need advice on how to assess your requirements properly, give us a call. We provide the additional assessment needed for your cases.


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