Quick Install Sliding Pallet Rack Safety Nets

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  • Perfect for pick and pack operations like laptop/desktop companies or others.
  • 2400 lbs of burst strength for the straps alone
  • The Cargo webbing has a 10,000 lb break strength
  • Seatbelt webbing has 6,000 lbs of break strength

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Sliding pallet rack safety nets are specially made for organizations that use pick and pack methods of distribution. The sliding pallet rack safety net opens up to allow you or your workers to access the materials on the rack level. The system can install within seconds.

How does this system work?
The system slides across the straps to form the protection for your racks.

Ok, well, if this thing slides across the straps then how strong can it be? I’m worried this is not very sturdy and will damage my stuff. Will it?
The straps themselves have a burst strength of 2,400 lbs. The cargo webbing has a 10,000 lbs break strength and the seatbelt webbing and 6,000 lbs respectively.

If they are that strong then what are they made of?
Most of the safety net is made up of two things and that is elastic and 2″ polyester materials.

Are there custom sizes?
Yes, but you would need to call us at 503-640-5666.

How does it hook up to my rack system then?
It clips into your rack system. The version shown is for a teardrop pallet rack system.

It seems like it would be a fast install then, is that right?
You are correct. It should only take you a few minutes to install once you are ready to slide the product into the teardrop-shaped holes.

Pallet Rack Safety Nets Burst Strength Definition:

What does burst strength mean?
Burst strength is a safety feature for you and your pallet rack. The limiting factor in the system is the straps. It is because people have tried to use their safety nets as pallet rack backstops which is a very bad thing to do. The pallet rack absorbs the punishment from the product you put on the rack.  The force coming from the forklift pushing back on the product also loads the pallet rack with weight. The strap is designed to give way first so that you only, potentially, lose the product you tried to put on the rack instead of the whole rack. If the whole pallet rack fails then you will lose the product on the rack, the rack itself, and you may have a serious injury to the driver of the forklift and anyone who happened to be close to the area at the time of the incident.

It seems like this system would work well in a pick and pack situation. Is that true?
Yes. The system was developed for warehouse systems that are using the pick and pack system. The system can slide to open up the rack so that workers can pick products off the rack levels that they need to complete orders or builds.

Are these safety nets heavy?
No. There is only 1.50 lbs difference between the smallest and largest versions. The smallest version weighs in at 4.40 lbs and the largest is 5.90 lbs.


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