Social Barrier Sneeze Guard

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  • 74″ tall
  • 3′ to 5′ widths
  • Available with or without casters
  • Clear or semi-transparent

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social barrier sneeze guard

How tall are these sneeze guard barriers?

The sneeze guard aka social barrier is 74″ tall. It is slightly above 6 feet tall.

What colors does it come in?

It does not actually come in colors, per se. As a result, it does come in clear or semi-transparent. Obviously, each has its own use.

What are the widths of these barriers?

The social barriers are available in 3-foot or 5-foot widths. The specific width size is something that you will select.

Can I connect these somehow?

Yes. The manufacturer told us that they can connect together. You can protect a wider area via the connection of these sneeze guards.

Can I only line them in a straight line?

No. You can use them around corners or angles as long as you have enough sneeze guards or social barriers to do so.

Are they stationary or do they move around?

You can get these barriers with or without casters. The casters will allow you to move them around as you need. Please remember to disinfect your hands after touching the barrier if you pull it to the next location by the sides of the barrier.

Can I clean the casters?

Yes. You can clean the casters as you use them. You only need to be cognizant that you need to use a cleaner that will not dry and become sticky. If you do use a cleaner that becomes sticky then you will have a harder time using the casters.

Do I need to get any extra hardware to install these?

We were told that this product includes all the hardware you need. The manufacturer also said they include assembly tools. However, it is smart to make sure that you have the usual tools on hand just in case.

What if I don’t need this right away? Is it easy to store?

Yes. You only have to keep it inside the box. You can assemble it when you need it.

Need an industrial-strength version instead? Have a look at this social barrier. You may also want to consider a plastic storage bin for your barrier to put anything you need to clean later such as pens, paperwork, or anything else possibly contaminated. 


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