Wheel and Tire Storage Racks

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Build your Tire Rack system step by step:

  • Teardrop Style Upright Frames in 8′, 12′, and 16′ heights
  • Standard Step Beams with 42″, 48″, 96″, 108″, 120″ and 144″ lengths
  • Optional safety products
  • Get a layout with dimensions
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Tire Rack Builder

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Choose options for your tire rack!

Select your frame height and depth:

What frame height and depth should I use?

Height: Select a frame height approximately 4 feet shorter than your ceiling height.

Depth: 42" is the most common depth for standard 48 x 40 pallets.

Base Plate:

Price each:$161.28

Select the Beam Length and Height

What beam length and height should I use?

8ft Beams are the most popular size, and fit 2 standard size pallets. 12ft beams are also popular because they fit 3 pallets. Increasing the height of the beam increases the capacity.

Height (Capacity):
Number of beam levels:

Price each:$45.89

Recommended Safety Items

Your Tire Rack System

Starter Bay x =
Add-on Bay x =
Total Racking System:

Send layout via e-mail to:

Selected Specs:


96"H x 24"D, Green color, 4x6 base plate, 14,000 lbs capacity


96"L x 3"H, orange pa color, 1,777 lbs capacity


Anchors (4 per frame): Included

Column Guards (1 per frame) : Included

Drop Pins (2 per beam): Included

Other Details:

Total Tire Positions

Beam Spacing (evenly distributed)

Clear Space Between Beams


Tire Storage Racks

To store tires and rims, use special racks that prevent deformities during storage and extend their lifespan, why it’s important. Answers below.

How to store tires properly?

If the tires are mounted on rims, they can be stored either in a stack (stacked on top of each other) or in a suspended position (hung by the rim). After all, the rims are more responsible for absorbing the load – thus reducing the risk of damaging the tire’s shape.

If you are storing only the tires, without the rims, they should be placed vertically (as on a car) and side by side. Hanging or stacking is not permitted, as this can cause the tire to lose its shape over time, elongate, bulge, and become oval.

Some manufacturers advise storing tires vertically rather than horizontally to reduce tire stress and deformation, without mentioning whether they are mounted on rims or not, and changing the tire storage position every 4 weeks. This is necessary to ensure that the tire’s fulcrum changes, that it does not deform under its own weight, that flat surfaces do not form, and that the tire itself does not become oval.

However, storing horizontally wastes a lot of space, which is inefficient for a warehouse, store, or service station.

Heavy Duty Truck Tire Racks

The tire racks are based on the elements of the industrial shelf racks. The rack height and load capacity are individualized and depend on the products to be stored.

Let’s look at the truck tire storage rack. This is a heavy-duty tire rack storage that is designed for storage of heavy truck and bus tires on their tread. These racks have 45˚ angle beams, which allows the tires to be properly positioned on the tread.

The vertical stacking method is the most suitable way of storing tires and makes it easier to load and remove bulky tires from the rack.

By varying the length and profile of the crossbeams, it is possible to provide the necessary loads on the tire rack, even for very heavy wheels, without overpaying for unnecessary metal-intensive construction. Commercial truck tire storage racks have a 1750 lb load capacity.

The great thing about this solution is that you can customize it.

You can opt for your profile of crossbeam for light tire and truck tire. Notice that the round profile of the crossbeam has no deforming effect on tires during long-term storage.

Besides that, you can use racks for wheels, allowing you to organize the storage of a difficult-to-handle group of goods while providing access to any product at any time.

If required, you can order a stackable racking design. So you will get a stack of 6 racks when loaded, and 20 when empty and folded.

Benefits of using

  • Collapsible design;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • It can be used as a showcase;
  • Possibility to install shelves for boxes and piece goods;
  • Optimal design for storing tires.

Who utilizes tire storage racks:

  • Tire shops;
  • Service stations;
  • Spare parts stores;
  • Warehouses


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