Wire Mesh Containers – Industrial Large Wire Baskets

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  • Protective galvanized finish
  • Safety latches and lockable drop gates
  • ID plates for easier order picking
  • Stacking feet, runner bars, fork pockets, and dividers
  • Protective lids and rollers/casters
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Wire Mesh Containers

Stackable wire mesh containers are made from sturdy steel wire, which is welded or joined to form a rigid and durable frame. The mesh design allows for good visibility and ventilation of contents. Our containers have standard half drop gate for maximum performance and outstanding value. Large wire heavy-duty containers are especially important due to their ability to stack securely on top of one another on a single pallet.

Dimensions and weight capacity of the industrial wire baskets

Four sizes in stock:

  • Junior (20″D x 32″W x 22″OH)
  • Medium (32″D x 40″W x 34″OH)
  • Senior (40″D x 48″W x 36″OH)
  • XL (40″D x 48″W x 42″OH)

Weight capacity varies from 5,000 lbs to 6,000 lbs or more, depending on the size and design of the container. Static weight capacity refers to the maximum weight the container can hold when it is stationary and not being moved. Please contact us for further specifications.

What are the material and construction quality of the wire mesh containers?

Wire containers are made of highest quality metal wire mesh which make them a perfect storage solution for warehouse heavy duty utilization.
High-quality electro galvanized finish make our industrial wire baskets run a long life. Wire mesh containers are designed to serve for at least 10-12 years due to steel mesh they are made of and robotically welded feet and understructure.

Industrial wire mesh containers: collapsible or stackable?

All our containers are collapsible due to their half drop front gate and stackable for better storage and transportation of large wire baskets.

What types of products are suitable for storage in collapsible wire baskets?

Collapsible wire mesh containers are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of products across different industries. Due to its collapsible design our large wire containers allow you to store any goods, supplies and components, including bewerages and products.

What accessories or customization options are available for wire containers?

  • Full Drop Gate: A full drop gate provides easy access to the entire medium wire container from one side, allowing for efficient loading and unloading of goods. It can be used for quick access to items stored in large wire containers or mesh storage containers. Enhances accessibility and usability, making it easier to manage inventory in wire storage baskets. Ideal for applications requiring frequent handling and fast turnover of goods.
  • Swing Gate: A swing gate allows partial access to the container, keeping the remaining items secure. It’s useful for custom wire mesh storage containers and wire storage baskets where security is important but selective access is needed. Improves organization and security, ensuring only authorized personnel have access to stored items. Enhances safety and efficiency in warehouse organization.
  • Stacking Guides: Stacking guides ensure secure stacking of multiple containers, maximizing vertical space in warehouses. They are beneficial for collapsible wire baskets and wire mesh pattern storage containers. Optimizes warehouse space utilization, allowing for efficient use of large wire baskets and mesh storage bins. Reduces the risk of toppling and damage during storage and transportation.
  • Fork Pockets: Fork pockets enable easy lifting and handling of wire mesh containers with forklifts or pallet jacks. They are essential for transporting large wire containers and mesh storage containers. Facilitates safe and efficient transportation using forklifts or pallet jacks, improving handling processes in warehouses.
  • Fork Stirrups: Fork stirrups secure the container to the forks of a forklift, preventing sliding and ensuring stability during transportation. They are crucial for moving large wire baskets and mesh storage containers. Increases safety during handling and transportation with forklifts, minimizing the risk of accidents and product damage.
  • 4-Way Runners: 4-way runners allow pallet jacks and forklifts to lift and move the container from any direction, improving maneuverability. They enhance the flexibility of wire mesh baskets in various handling applications. Enhances flexibility in handling and maneuvering large or heavy containers, making them easier to position and transport in warehouse environments.
  • Removable Lid: Removable lids cover the top of the custom wire containers, protecting contents from dust, debris, and unauthorized access. They are suitable for securing items in wire storage containers and mesh storage containers. Improves security and protection of stored items, especially in outdoor or dusty environments. Allows for easy loading and unloading while keeping contents secure.
  • Collapsible Rigid Design: A collapsible rigid design allows the container to fold down when empty, saving space during return transport or storage. It is useful for collapsible wire containers and large wire baskets. Reduces return freight costs and saves warehouse space when containers are not in use. Enhances storage efficiency in warehouses with limited space.


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