Wirecrafters 840 Wire Mesh Partition Cages

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  • 4-sided wire partition cages.
  • Each unit is 8′ 5-1/4″ tall (101.25″ height).
  • Each unit includes hinged door.
  • Comes in multiple sizes (see below).
  • Protects sensitive, expensive or hazardous inventory & tools.
  • Contact us for custom sizing options.

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Worried about the access to some of your inventory? Could anyone walk in at any time without you knowing? A Wirecrafters 840 wire mesh cage can help you control who comes and goes inside your cage quickly and easily.

Fact: People entering your warehouse and having access to sensitive equipment are an insurance risk. They also do not know how the flow of your traffic works. They can easily walk into places where they could get hurt. A major reason that liability problems can occur. You can try to control this through the use of guard rails and a CAD warehouse layout.  However, being able to control who enters your cage helps.  You can control who can get into areas where your protected inventory is located. If that is something you want then a wire mesh partition is a major addition to a well-executed prevention and safety plan.

People are curious. Someone who just needed a signature or to use your bathroom quickly can turn into a logistical nightmare. They may get into dangerous areas and equipment that will make you liable if they get hurt.

Keep them from wandering your hallways, unattended, by using these cages to only allow access equipment to those people you deem appropriate.

Inventory Control

A major worry of most business owners is their inventory, as a result, if you have inventory, you want to control then these cages can help you protect them. You can control who goes into and out of these areas. You only have to make sure of an appropriately sized cage.

Multiple Building Control

If you do not have enough staff to control all the buildings where you have a product then you need to restrict access to the interiors of these cages. Obviously, these cages will have sensitive or hazardous equipment. These cages can act as your guardian when you cannot be there. Moreover, it can help you keep a building and its inventory secure. Wire mesh cages should be a part of your overall strategy if you want to be as safe as possible. The strategy may include things like alarms, locks, video surveillance, and other types of safety/protection devices or services. A Wirecrafters 840 4 sided wire mesh partition is a great addition to your overall risk management strategy.



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