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Pallet Rack School Storage Systems for Universities, Colleges, and Other Educational Institutions:

Have heavy objects you need to store like broadcast and studio equipment? Is it band equipment? Do you need to store food? Do you have an overabundance of school books? Whatever it is it can be held and stored by the use of pallet racks. Pallet racks, the most common kind we sell, although you can get pallet racks that will hold larger amounts of product, hold 2500 lbs of product per level. If you have been using older or consumer shelving units then this increase in capacity will be noticeable right away. The ones we sell also come with seismic calculations which means that they will be easier to obtain permits for when it comes time. You are busy enough with school activities and requirements. Let us help you get what you need. School storage is much easier with a pallet rack.

Safety Products for School Storage Solutions:

Injuries are a problem for any business for multiple reasons. Therefore, the use of safety clips and safety pins is highly recommended. Safety clips are good but they tend to wear down over time. They can look like they are working but they may fail. It is best to back them up with safety pins as they are more sturdy and tend to last longer than clips. You will also be making use of a forklift in your duties. A misused forklift can damage your pallet racks. A way to lessen this possibility is to use a column guard or RAMguard to shield the structure from taking hits from the forklift and/or other things that may make contact with your pallet racks. You can also stack the safety products so that the entirety of the pallet rack is covered if you need it to be.

Modular Offices:

Space is something that is at a premium in most very school or university. Security might also be an issue for you depending on what you are storing in your warehouse. If you would like to keep a closer eye on things and have an office space then you should consider getting a modular office. A modular office does not have to be just for clerical work either. It can be for any purpose that you want. If you find that it is in the wrong place then you can break it down and move it somewhere else with the help of a forklift. You might even be able to move it with a pallet jack. The modular offices come with a heater and air conditioning hook-up. They also have a hook-up for electricity. If you get one for your work then it will be hard to imagine life without it later.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

Adding a second level to a warehouse where you are storing items can and usually does double your ability to store items and/or products. You can do without adding on to your existing building through the use of a mezzanine work platform. Work platforms and mezzanine are not the same. A mezzanine work platform contains no attachments to the building. A true mezzanine does contain an attachment to the building in which it stands. They are “work platforms” because they remain unattached as long as they in use. Therefore, the permit process for these is far less than other types of building additions. t saves you time and money because you do not have to wait for it to be installed per se. In fact, if you want to move it then it is, theoretically, possible. It can be unbolted and moved but you do have to keep in mind is that most mezzanine platforms are built custom. Every warehouse will have different needs and setups. The mezzanine work platform is going to be highly customized to whatever location it stood before you moved it.

Warehouse Design:

If you have a lot of products in your warehouse then it might be time to make sure that it is placed with some care. Maybe it has not been looked at for a while but could use an update or refresher to make sure that it is optimized for the job that it is doing. A great way to do this is with a warehouse CAD layout. You can see how the warehouse flows together and if there are any problems. If there are then you can fix them and then make the changes in real life. You do not have to play with trial and error in real life. You can see how your planning looks in a CAD drawing. It is better than wasting time and money moving product. You could find yourself realizing that you cannot use the pallet rack where you placed it.

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